Make NPC station models constructible by the players

Why are we limited to such a small range of constructible stations? Can CCP give faction LP more value by introducing blueprints for additional faction forts that are modeled after various NPC stations of that faction? I would think that because the models already exist in game, it would be a fairly easy introduction that would add a great variety to the structures in New Eden AND would give the generic missions more value

There were a limited number of faction structures put in game with the advent of upwell structures

I’m still disappointed that we didn’t get this as Amarr faction fortizar.

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Agree 100000000000%

You’re correct, and I’m the owner of a few of them.

But as someone who has helped run one of the largest corps in the game in the past, it would have been cool to utilize LP to gain BPCs for NPC structure-style fortizars (or something).

It would be an easy way to add variety to the structures owned/run/built by players while adding an easy boost to the current mission-running meta.

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