Make landmarks more visible and add more life to space


I recently traveled a lot of eve landmarks - and asked myself why they are not visible en route through space?

i.e., if you travel from x to y in Caldari space, why cant the landmark structures like Hyasyoda or CreoDron factories in Gallente space just visible when you enter a system and see them from the gate ?

why are these nice little details so hidden in space?

It would add detail to the ingame world, like these npc mining fleets that were added a few years ago. And it would appear as their is some life in space.

And it would make systems visually unique, if there is a massive large npc structure you always see when travelling a route. Imagine a massive unique shipyard in Gallente / Caldari Border Zone, it would also dovetail nicely with the current factional campaigns.

Or maybe give the factions/corporations unique headquarters and make them somewhat visible.

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