Make map information more discernible

Currently with the ingame map, the colours used to show various metrics only range from yellow to red, a fairly narrow band of colours. There’s also not many distinct colours making up the range. For example, the colour for 1 person undocked in a system is the exact same shade of yellow as it is for 8 people undocked in a system, with the colour only changing to orange around 20 people. This makes it fairly difficult to extract meaningful information from the map at a glance. A good change to this would to be make the map show a wider range of colours, maybe red to green, for each metric, with more distinct possible steps, in order to better show information.

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Use the old map. Much easier to read.


I agree, it’s often hard to tell the difference between values on the new map.

I really like the new map (it’s been the default map since I started playing) but compared to the old map (which I also tried, but didn’t like for various reasons) it is missing certain things that the old map definitely did better. One of those things is how it represents numbers.

Please make it easier to tell apart different amounts on the new map, CCP.

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I do like the new map but I think its too 3D needs to be more simplistic. There is just too much going on!

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