Make null sec OMEGA only

There is no way that an alpha ship even with the best alpha fitting, can defeat any of the good fitted ships currently in null sec(mostly omega ships there). There is also nothing useful to do in null sec for an alpha. Minerals that only appear in null sec can be ice mined, degassed, or mined by omega, as the source object itself is omega. Most of the alpha rocks in null sec can be found in low sec. Anti-warp bubbles are mostly Omega, so trapping ships is not possible for an alpha in null sec. The PvE in null sec is too hard for an average alpha user.

Places that are low or high sec that are only accessible via null sec should get a way to get accessed via low sec, if null sec becomes omega only.

For this reason, Known Space null sec should become Omega only.

Alphas can participate in Alliance game-play, though maybe not yours. :wink:


An alliance gameplay or warfare where alphas loose all their ships.

Sure, that’s what ship re-reimbursement for Alliance OPs is for, and yes, you lose ships in Pvp.


But alphas loose them at a higher rate, so what is the point? If alphas can’t participate in alaiance warefare in null sec, then that is less money that the alliance has to re-reimburse among its members. That means Aliances would be saving a whole lot more money. Basically by re-reimbursing people that are part of the alliance and are alphas, they are just re-reimbursing people that are more likely to loose their ships.

The ships that Alphas can fly don’t cost that much, and having the extra numbers in a fleet fight will help a lot since it will take far more time than its worth for the opposing Fleet FC to figure out who is an alpha or not.

Also, it gets newer player’s feet wet with losing ships, mostly at someones else’s expense which can help preventing too much risk aversion developing in those new players.

It really can be a win win all around if done right.


I can’t wait to see a alliance reimburse a bunch of alpha noobs who bring a very poorly fitted navy faction Megathron to battle. Yup, alliance bankruptcy express as I can see it.

Oh and don’t forget about the greed that goes on in the minds of alphas, especially alpha noobs! There are many ways players can cook up stories. While we are talking about Alliance Warfare, have you thought of the opposing alliance team making alpha alts that will bring expensive ships to war just to get them destroyed, and ask the their opposing alliance using their alts for re-reimbursement, just to make the enemy alliance go broke?

If you ask me how alphas can make that money, just login on thanksgiving when there are strangers that give out 500M-100M for no reason. It happened with me where a stranger who I never talked to gave me 100M and said happy thanksgiving.

If it’s not doctrine then no reimbursement.


I’m questioning if OP actually logs in or not…


I do log in. Its just that the corp I am in corp never gets wardec, and the corp owner has an given an option to all corp members that if we do get war deced all those who chose the safe option, are removed from the corp and reinserted into the corp when the wardec ends. The corp was never war deced, and the corp actually has nothing to loose as it is new. Also, the corp that I am in is in high sec, and the corp owner doesn’t want the corp to be part of any alliance.

I’m fairly often in small to medium sized fleets in NPC 0.0. And i can’t remember one single situation in the last ten years where a player that wanted to join was rejected because he couldn’t fly or afford the doctrine ship.

There are plenty of roles in a fleet, even for alpha clones and small wallets. Scout, additional tacklers, Logi, E-War, etc. The rarest ressource is mostly manpower.

Even the big sov alliances have nowadays newbie wings (Pandemic Horde, Karama Fleet, Brave Newbies… I personally still think the coolest kids join Eve Uni :wink: ) that literally take anyone who is willing to join a fleet. Eve pvp was never more accessible than today.


This is the equivalent of not logging in.


How so? I am to scared to enter null or low sec, every time I enter there, the null or low sec system that I entered from high sec, to get to the null or low sec, is the place where I get killed. I stay mostly in highsec. I am alpha.

Then why are you whining about making null omega only?? I started off thinking you were some null sov’er who wanted alphas out of nullsec…

quite the opposite.

There’s quite a bit to do as an alpha in null,


Find a different entry point into null then. You are obviously using a bottleneck entry point that is vital the Sov Owner defense of their systems so they will attack anything that isn’t Blue to them. Not that difficult to understand.


But then I am to afraid to bring any ship into Worm hole space, cause every ship I currently have, if I were to loose any one of them, I could buy the same exact thing and fit, but I would become literally 99.99% broke, and have only 1M remaining in wallet. Currently the only small and good ships I have are inursus and heron. I prefer the Incursus since I am gallente in the beginning and don’t have much missile skills. Mostly gunnery. The only other ship I have better than those two is 1 vexor and 2 mymidron’s. Out of the 2 mymidrons, one I am using for testing purposes and have energy turret enhancement rigs, and energy turrets fitted on it, to get used to energy turrets (I literally only use that ship with small rat frigates and destroyers.) I am doing this because I want to go for lvl up alpha ammar ships once I finish leveling up with alpha caladri ships The other one is fitted perfectly, and is what I currently use for any agency events (I did not go for the abyss event).

sounds like you need a better corp to fly with. oh and the golden rule of eve.
never fly what you can’t afford to lose. twice

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So was the OP AFK ratting in null and killed by an alpha? Let them go where they want.

No I went to null just to explore. Got popped before docking at any station every time. I always went in a velator for safety reasons.

Don’t go to null without flying something fast. and most likely you can’t dock in any station in null without permission from owner.