Make POCO tax cash lootable

When players use POCO, they pay some tax. What if owner of the POCO must come and collect taxes to get the ISK?
Let say POCO tax cash is 100 000 000 isk. And it will take 3 months untill it is full. Owner of that POCO can come and pick up what is in the cash as often as he likes. But if he is lazy and let cash overflow, than additional tax isk disapears or is stored in special, lootable unlimited cash box, where they can be looted by anyone via syphone unit.
Now remember all those lost POCO in WH…

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INSTEAD of being vulnerable to destruction?



Because flying around collecting poco taxes is fun, isn’t it.

This tax and citadel service tax was deliberate.

If they wanted something like this they’d tax the items not the isk. So a portion of the items you remove goto the owner (this is how null sec stations work/used to work)

You hear what I did not said. Nor planned to say. Just as my wife does sometimes…


There was nothing, literaly nothing about vulnerability in my OP. What was there, is the additional opportunity to PvP or lucrative scam actions. And reincarnation of syphone units :wink:

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Are you suggesting that ISK should not be transferable over the magic of intersteller wifi???

Because if you think that a POCO owner should have to haul what is essentially electronic money, from one space station to another, then why should you instantly have access to your ISK when you go to Jita to buy something. In your universe, you will have to transport ‘lootable’ ISK to the station you want to spend it in.

Just think for a second about the ramifications of what you are asking.

Its worth fully thinking about suggestions rather than having a knee jerk response on the forum to some buthurt due to the local POCOs in your area charging you too much space-tax.

Brain turn on ok how bout tags, ceritifactes or anything physical instead of isk then. Wow that was easy. Like… The suggestion is being rewarded for diligence and penalized for carelessness and laziness. The isk transfer or space rp of what item is in the cargo is not the point it’s the effort.

I have no opinion on the matter because PI is for poors. But it really pisses me off to see such pointless digressive objections to so many ideas rather than talking about the main point. It’s always some tiny part of the idea that could easily be worked around.

Question is: Should customs owners have to claim their reward physically? Don’t side track and nitpick the details.

Change the game so I can make more moneys


Encounter Surveillance Systems, does that mechanic tell you anything? It is already in the game. Just as syphones are.

Personally I don’t believe they should have to physically collect their reward.

The Tax is a reward for maintaining possession and protection of the POCO. If the OP wants to penalize the owner, then he should go to war and take them down. Asking for money to be made physical and needed to be transported, (and for it to spill out of a space station into space if it gets full… :rofl: ) is not a workable idea.

If you really wanted to turn it into a transportable item… then simply have the Tax be charged as a % of the goods passing through the POCO. JoePI picks up 1000 Robotic Parts from his planet. Tax is set at 5%… JoePI heads back to his home station with 950 Robotic Parts, and 50 Robotic parts sit in the POCO storage waiting for the owner to collect them.

Edit: Ok, i just saw that Daichi Yamato posted the same idea already.

And how the isk should be looteable? The payment for the POCO are in isk coins?

I supose that POCO won’t accept credit cards or other form of eletronic isk transfer…

A freighter, all cargo expanders fitted, filled with isk coins.

Please? Pretty Please?? :rofl:

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