Make Quafe into a real drink

That is excellent.

I make my own Quafe-derivative “beverage entertainment” product in the bathtub.

It’s the same bathtub in which the Aiko-brand Gamer Girl Bathwater is produced, so many synergies are definitely getting leveraged. And it’s endorsed by shroud, sodapoppin, and the Al-Nusrah Front, so you know it’s good.


Just don’t get into cookies.

There was once a label photo with a text on it, It turns out I made a label out of that photo and it had black text on a white background, on the side of the bottle.

Ingredients :
Carbonated water, sugar, glucose, Caffeine,
Guarana, ginseng, acids (E300, E330),
artificial flavors, color (E160a)

Amount per 100 ml:
Calories 205 kJ (50 kcal), Protein 0g,
Carbohydrates 12,5g, Fiber 0g, Sodium 0,002g.

There was also description:

Quafe contains large amounts of the stimulants caffeine, guarana and ginseng. When consumed in proper doses, these stimulants sharpen reflexes and concentration. Quafe is not recommended for expectant or breastfeeding mothers, children, or people with heart conditions or other medical issues. Quafe also contains kacha root extract from the mountains of Manesh on the Amarr planet of Athra. It is not recommended for people with green eyes, pointy elbows, scraggly beards or short, child-like tooth.

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We don’t need more avenues for CCP to disappoint us…

Can you highlight which avenue was a storming success?


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