Quafe mode

This is a bit out there but I think it would be stellar to have a Quafe Meter for characters, which you would fill up by drinking quafe. A lot of quafe. As the meter fills up you would start seeing alternate object skins and artifacts on the skyboxes etc. it would fill with diminishing returns and drop pretty quick so you would have to keep chuggin that quafe to keep those altered states going.

it would require a lot of new skins but I think that it would be very worth it.

FC, 3 pink ponies just jumped the gate.
Just let me finish mining these candy canes
Get on the dragon guys.

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We found the dude who likes to do shrooms.

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The game is PG13… so while a fun concept you won’t see it in that context :confused:

…but maybe you could see the route traced in the skybox more clearer instead of a faint line :thinking:

@Rail_J_kar shrooms are tasty and healthy - ask any forestgoer :slight_smile:
…except for some of the treatcherous species like cordyceps hehe

I think its a good idea. It could become one of the random daily challenges. “Fill your quafe meter” but the hallucinogenic effect may be too much

Side note i think this year is going to be great for mushrooms due to the relatively cold and wet summer. But lets see.

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Hallucinations? Quafe space is real! A friend of a guy I know saw a space dragon in a gas cloud.

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