SKINs Request: Quafe Ultra SKINs (Purple)

Quafe SKINs are sexy. I love flying my Gallente ships sporting blue :blue_heart:. You know what would be even sexier, though? Quafe Ultra SKINs, which would be purple. If I could fly a purple Tristan, I would be sooooooooo happy :purple_heart:. I spoke with Adolf about it and he agrees: he strongly feels his Raven’s excrement should be purple as well.

I don’t usually splurge PLEX on vanity goods in the NES store or buy them off market but… I might make an exception for purple.

On a related note: The Quafe company logo and Quafe SKINs are blue, but the Quafe item icon is purple - shouldn’t it be changed to blue for consistency? The Quafe Ultra icon (which is currently identical to the regular Quafe icon) would remain purple, though because, you know… purple.

SKINs make you money, CCP, so I hope you take me up on this idea, esp since it’s just a hue change of an existing SKIN :purple_heart:

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