Make suicide more difficult

Let stations rotate around its axis - then suicide gankers will have to make more efforts to stay closer to the station’s exit.

How’s the idea?

Are you sure english is the proper language in the russian part of the forum?

And what’s an instaundock bookmark? Ever heard of it?

Вы уверены, что английский язык является правильным языком в российской части форума?

И что такое закладка instaundock? Вы когда-нибудь слышали об этом?


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You haven’t explained why criminals should have to spend more effort. Isn’t highsec plenty safe enough already?

But if you want safe undocking, you can use an Upwell structure. The tethering will keep you very safe while you align.

Insta-undocks are easier and more effective.

You understand that this would also make life more difficult for everyone else, too, right?

At present it is virtually impossible to camp someone in a station in highsec or lowsec because of instant undock bookmarks. Rotating stations would make those bookmarks worthless. Alliances that wardec everyone in trade hubs would be able to easily kill everyone who undocks in anything larger than a shuttle.

Actually, the more I think the more I’m coming around to the idea. :wink:

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imagine a stable rotation, taking a static amount of time to repeat itself, but can be influenced by sov/fw mechanics. PLUS, the angle of rotation changes when the station is taken over. Every entity should have their own vectors, to render the bookmarks of others useless!

Grand idea for whalesec and maybe fw lowsec, and definitely not highsec.