Make The Hunt Permanent

With The Hunt event ending in a couple days, I can’t understand why they wouldn’t make some version of this permanent. It’s great content. The combat is interesting, it incorporates important new player mechanics like scanning and dealing with ECM, and it gives casual players a bit more, and much needed, content.

The rewards don’t even have to be as good as they are now. Just give casual players something else to do besides L4 missions and Abyssals.

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SOmething else:
Pvp, low sec, faction warfare, null sec, wh space
Pve , wh space, ratting , belt ratting, triglivians incursions, exploration, ded complexes, l4 missions in null sec
market trading
Industry: t1 t2 t3 manufacturing, mining, pi, gashuffing, moon mining
system exploration, find all the interesting locations in eve from new eden till whatever there is …
and there is prob more, there are sometimes these events and its not always the gurrista one so they need the breaks to make the others interesting too.

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Limited time events are a tool to experiment with new ideas. CCP have had some hits, they’ve also had some misses! When the event is over, they’ll study the data and use the learnings to build new PVE content. It may take a while or, like the Christmas reindeer filaments, it could become part of the game in a couple of months.


They still make the same misses several times in a rowx. Like a drop of something that is interesting, but requires another item : the most rare of the two will become the expensive one.

Here we have korako’s DCU that is completely useless besides for the gecko, which means that its value is zero since it’s less rare than gecko bpc.

A correct way would have been to make it drop from capsules instead of the hunt keys.

I applaud dropping BPC’s for special edition event items instead of the items themselves but I don’t agree with creating a special edition component required to build it that has no other purpose in the game. I would pick standard materials so the events act as a material sink (albeit a small one). Value rests with the rarity of the blueprint.

Now if CCP is planning additional uses for korako’s DCU and is using this event to seed the market, I withdraw my objection. That level of subterfuge is something I wholeheartedly approve of!

I think you missed the casual player part. It’s pretty hard for me to do any of the stuff you listed while I’ve got 3 kids running around and I only have a couple hours to play per day. I can’t exactly join one of these neckbeard corporations - they’ll just make me fly around in a t1 frigate blob all day anyways.

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