Make the networth estimate delay consistent

Currently the total Net Worth estimate on your character sheet has different delays for different categories. Your cash is updated instantly while your asset value and market escrow lag behind. The result is that the estimate becomes instantly super inaccurate if you are trading on the market. Anytime you sell something or place isk in escrow your estimate is off for several hours.

I think almost everyone would prefer a net worth estimate that is delayed a bit more but that is actually somewhat accurate than the estimate we have now that is always nonsensical.

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Agreed. An option would be nice to have to opt out of these intermediate updates. I personally don’t need the jitter either. I’d be happier with knowing my client is receiving less packets than my client trying to maintain some image of what my exact net worth is at any given time.

I guess this is one of those ideas that make sense and are relatively easy to implement, but will just never get noticed or implemented because it doesn’t create any hype or debate…

because its a mostly meaningless feature that 99% don’t care about

If it wasn’t so inaccurate it would do it’s job of estimating networth just fine.

Its a very convenient way for traders to see how much total assets they have at a glance, without exporting to third party tools.

i make all of my money trading and have never once needed this feature. hell i keep that entire screen closed when opening the character sheet. if you don’t know the value of the items you currently have for trading you are probably ■■■■ at trading. not to mention your total asset value is rarely reflective of your actual trading stock even on dedicated trade toons

Dude, I made tens of billions trading. I could go over all my assets but it takes time, a quick glance is just nice to have. It’s already there, it just doesn’t have to be as weird with updating as it is now.

… if its really that important to you just use a third party app its really not something worth the dev time

Devs have made plenty of minor UI changes recently.

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