Why the long face?

(Alextras Tesla) #1

(Neuntausend) #2

Dunno. Perhaps you have no idea where your net worth of 17 bil comes from? I often have this problem - the character sheet shows me money that I cannot find anywhere.

(Shallanna Yassavi) #3

Someone’s had too much to drink.

(Juvir Shadowborne) #4

Maybe because your net worth is only 17b, and your character has been around for 12 years? That’s a LOT of unaccounted for isk!

(Beachura) #5

Slaves, Imperial Slaves

(Expendable Unit) #6

I’ve kissed worse.

(Beachura) #7

How do you deal with that issue?

I think if it says I have that much, we should be able to liquidate it… :wink: