Making Low-Sec more accessible to High-Sec players

Changing low sec to a version of high sec is not the way to improve the game.

Lowsec doesn’t need more safety, it needs more reason to be there. Right now what exactly does it have for resources? Missions are worse than farming highsec level 4s, anomalies/belts are even weaker, exploration is a joke, and FW PvP is just a bunch of alpha farmers in unfitted ships defensive plexing 23/7. Even without being affiliated with any nullsec power you’ll still get more ISK by picking an empty middle of nowhere system to farm. So why would you bother with space that is arguably even more dangerous than nullsec but has none of the rewards?

The solution is to nerf highsec farming to death. Highsec can remain a tutorial zone for new players, but all missions/mining/whatever with more income than the equivalent of level 2 missions goes to lowsec. Either take risks and go into lowsec or enjoy grinding endlessly to get what a better player can make in a few minutes.

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Because forcing people who don’t want to PvP into a PvP area has always been a way better solution than making the PvP area enjoyable for PvPers :roll_eyes:

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All of EVE is a PvP area. The only issue is that risk vs. reward is currently broken and the safest space is more profitable than the more dangerous space.

@ Buoytender Bob

Your number one point really took the words out of my mouth. I was thinking of offering that idea myself since months back. When your first step into low sec results in destruction, naturally, few do that again, just as you say.

Unfortunately I don’t see boosting the Concord presence even just on low sec gates opposite a hi sec gate as a possible option. Gate campers will just quite EVE en mass. They can’t change their play style. Its not in their skill set. CCP won’t take the risk.

So I have another idea…the ability for player to receive a Concord escort to the other side three times. After that, you are on your own. This gets them into low sec where they can mill around and see that low sec itself is not instant destruction even if the gates into low sec so often are.

The idea is to allow people to step out on the front stoop of LS and not get bashed by the people standing in the bushes besides the door. My idea still allows for gate camps at all the other gates, increases targets for LS PvPers in belts,sites, even at system stations, and if determined enough, still allow a powereful gate camp to tough out an activated gate defense system. I would think that all the PvPers would love to have far more targets to play with and even the gate campers would only have to move to the next LS system to maintain their current turkey shoot mechanics.

I would like to avoid putting CONCORD into LS; iirc gate guns are faction based. By having any NPC based response based on faction standing it allows for Faction standing to actually be used for something in a meaningful way and also allows for aggressors to weigh the risk/profit of attacking knowing that , if calculated correctly, they could survive any defensive response (gets rid of the CONCORD autokill) More options, more targets, more interactions. Hopefully a benefit for everyone.

@Buoytender Bob

Take one look at Frulegur. Its a low sec system with one way in and one way out and both lead to hi-sec. The gate campers there (and anywhere) already have their stations where they want them. If forced to move and change their game they will instantly drop all the salt that they have mined from countless noobs over the years.

Mind you I totally love the idea. I am just pointing out why I think CCP won’t.

Or you know, swap null anoms and low sec anoms around. High sec has been hit repeatedly with the nerf hammer and only one buff I can name in recent years. Null is the culprit with income. Not high.

Nerfing nullsec is a separate question, and one I’d probably be fine with. But that doesn’t change the fact that you can make lots of ISK in highsec with zero risk. And zero-risk space should not contain endgame-level content, period.

Highsec is the lowest income of all space.

And it should be even lower. Certainly level 4 missions and equivalent are too much, and I’m not sure even level 3s are appropriate. Highsec should be a tutorial area that you leave as soon as possible, if there’s enough money that people are willing to consider staying then it needs to be nerfed until they leave.

Whenever someone asks for “more accessibility” it means that he’s asking for it to be made easier but does not want to admit the fact that he’s incapable of achieving what he wants without being supported in some form, most oftenly asking for [it] to be made easier, simply because he’s too dumb to grasp it, or not skilled enough to do it.

That’s “making things more accessible” in the game industry. The whole point is to make ■■■■ easier for people too ■■■■■■■ stupid to do it otherwise, and everyone who wasn’t too stupid is getting shafted for not wanting things changed for stupids.

And they’re right, because why would anyone want to be overrun by idiots?

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Yes you should have.

People have been suggesting ways to make LS better/more accessible since forever and they never ban out. Players who generally would find LS interesting usually move on rather quickly to NS which offers better rewards. HS players have zero interest no matter what you do.

You’re suggesting adding a potentially massive standings grind in order to make a region of space more accessible?

Cue the ultimate “You did not think this through” video…

Good luck…

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It had already been threaded previously, and now with FW, pirating, relatively okay PI revenues, the lowsec dweller would not agree to it. I personally think lowsec is good the way it is, afterall the core of Eve (Everyone vs Everyone else) is mainly build around Pvp (Player vs Player).

So anyway, let’s say a highsec pilot (assuming they would be without much pvp experience) fly down low in an over tanked BC or BS to run some anoms or mine etc, with an alt scout and unfortunately at some point meet a mini fleet of less than 10 pirates comprised of ewar, tacklers, destroyers and a few cruisers. I am most certain when Concord arrives past 20 seconds will not be worth it, as the unexperienced highsec pilot in would freeze, rather than act tactfully when aggroed, and die. Sure the pirate would lose a few ships vs concord, but they’d gain another potentially juicy killmail, and that would matter enough for most of them, heck you’d start seeing more alpha dessi gankers in lowsec at this rate.

The best thing one can do to overcome that fear of low/null/pvp is to actually face the music, and learn how to pvp itself, and learning the trades that come along with this skill. This is not very hard, one might actually enjoy it in the end. So everyday there are hundreds of pvp corps willing to train newbros, and run daily fleets with experienced fcs, join them. Or learn by yourself, there’s lots of vids out there to teach yourself how-tos.

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