Manga/Anime from stories of the Japanese community

We’ve had Japanese localization now for a while, long enough for them to have built a sizable portion of their own stories. Using this material, CCP could authorize someone to produce a manga in Japanese, and then have it translated into English as well.

What are the potential benefits? Manga and Anime have gained popularity world wide over the past 40- 50 years, entirely overshadowing western comics. A Manga based on Japanese exploits would be excellent marketing for their local area (especially if it’s based on a conflict with some other national group, like Chinese or US players.) Even better, if the story is good enough, it might get picked up by a Japanese animation studio.

If the later is done, you’ll be marketing the game to everyone who follows the seasonal Anime and likely bring in a host of new players. A sci-fi anime based on events that actually happened. That’s a marketers dream.

And if CCP doesn’t find any player driven stories they feel inspired by, they could finally give us w/e this story was supposed to be:

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