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Not for the first time, please pay attention to the need to TRANSLATE articles, game patches, and other articles to all languages supported in the game. At the moment, all this is only available in English, for example, the patch description- Although my language is different from English. There is a kind of discrimination on the basis of language. I am sure that it is technically very easy to make a transfer. You just have to want to. The lack of translation discourages the desire to read the information presented. And the translation is not in the first person-it makes a lot of mistakes and inaccuracies. ALL this together does not help to promote the game AND ATTRACT !!! new player. I think that Developers and technical staff will understand this and make appropriate decisions. I really hope that I will be able to read future articles in my native language. Please support this appeal.

What is your native language?

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In principle this is the right thing to do and absolutely should be done. In practice, however, I think the reason CCP hasn’t done this up to now is because it is unlikely to make the game more marketable, and not doing is probably isn’t going to lose any players (mostly because most players, especially those in larger corps/alliance, are bilingual anyway or can make use of translators/friends-to-translate for them just fine). I don’t know if CCP has full-time staff for localization or if they outsource those things to 3rd parties; if they are outsourcing, then this is additional money they need to spend and they are not going to see more profits come from that money, and if they do have localization staff on board, it’s possible they’re too busy with other things, but I’m not certain. So I’m not saying they shouldn’t do this, I’m just saying there are probably not-terrible reasons why it hasn’t been done up to now.


I’m sorry no. It may be inconvenient. It is not discrimination.

I can count on one hand, nay one finger the number of games I decided not to play because of the quality of patch notes. Make that zero fingers.

As @Archer_en_Tilavine said, it is something that would be nice, but definitely in the “not essential” task list.


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