Something about Japanese Localization in the game

So on facebook I read the following in a post from Eve Online(aka CCP)

"We want to acknowledge and thank our Japanese Capsuleer community for being a committed and integral part of EVE’s global playerbase :globe_with_meridians::pray:

CCP Games will soon be providing complete localization and support for the Japanese EVE Online community :jp::jp:"

I always liked the idea of games having a complete localization for different languages. But I’m wondering, if the Japanese localization is implemented to support Hiragana and Katakana, does that also mean there is localization for Romaji?
Is the localization only bound to Japan or can users from e.g. North America, Europe, Oceania, etc use the Japanese localization as well?
And does the localization also extend to naming a character in the character creation screen?

You can set localization in launcher and in game settings. This in not geo-locked. If this is what you are asking for. As for the exact fonts, you probably will get better answer asking in Japanese part of forum.

Since Korean localization, I didn’t notice any names using Korean font/writing. Or in Cyrillic (we have Russian localization for quite some time). So names will probably stay in latin alphabet.

hmm I think I’m gonna do that. I do know out of experience that some Japanese vowel sounds like ‘ou’ sound like a long ‘o’ sound, like in ‘glow’ or ‘roast’ and when it’s characterized into the latin alphabet, or Romaji as it is called for Japan, it written like ‘Ō’ with a dash above it. So I hope when the Japanese localization is here that there is support for it

Probably best to discuss those questions on the Japanese language subsection:

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