Manual piloting

What is the best way to learn how to manual pilot a ship and learn the transversal angular… mechanics?


I’m the last person who should answer the question, but I love that you’re asking it. It’s great to see people interested in stepping up their flying.

  1. Turn on the ”Tactical overlay“
  2. Zoom out, so you can see the whole field around you, including enemy’s.
  3. Start double clicking in space to move the way u desire.

I leave the learing of the transversal angular mechanics up to you.

Good luck! o7

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In a nut shell, its the speed your gun’s rotate to hit the enemy if they are closer and going the same speed your guns will have to rotate faster to track than if the enemy is further away.

This takes into account your own ship as well, so flying at a perpendicular angle to the enemy at closest possible range = highest possible transversal/angular and everyone is going to miss at this point.

If your enemy has higher tracking than you try to reduce your transversal to nullify his advantage and if he has less try maximize it to the point where he is hitting less than you.

The lower your transversal the more damage you do and the more damage that gets done to you, but its possible to keep low transversal against your target and high transversal against the rest of the target’s shooting you but its damn hard and requires a lot of practice.

But everything is situational, once you know the basic’s your muscle memory and tactics will start to take over and optimize every situation for you naturally.

Once you master it thou, you will laugh at the people trying to tank with over-sized prop mod’s as you can easily fly up right behind them and do max dps.

Some tricks you can use against people that don’t manual pilot:

If they are orbiting:

If you fly in straight line wait for them to fly almost directly infront of you and overheat your prop mod this will close the distance to them, their orbit command will compensate for this by making them fly away changing their circular orbit into a oval. Once they get directly behind you their transversal will be at its lowest and you will hit more if you save your weapon overheat to this point you will maximize your dps.

If they are keeping at range:

You can abuse it by moving towards them and back again, their ship takes time to turn around and they loose speed while turning you can pretty much make them stand still if you time it well maximizing dps against them. If you want to close distance on them you can burn away then towards away towards and they will overcompensate each time getting closer, maybe close enough to land that scram.

If they are manual piloting but are only flying on a horizontal plane:

They are using the tactical overlay, you can abuse this by flying on an imaginary vertical plane some times it works and your opponent’s make more mistakes some times not, its situational.

If you are against multiple opponent’s with short range or low tracking gun’s.

Then you need to feather so that you are in range of 1 enemy at a time. For this reference this link:


Thank you Guys :+1:

  1. Turn on Transversal / Angular in your overview. Make a Tab for it if necessary.
  2. Fit up a T1 frigate with 1MN Ab, max Inertial Stabilizers you can in bottom slots, and warp rigs in highs.
  3. Go to a security agent of your choice and pick a level 1 or 2 (2 is better for this) security mission.
  4. Go do the mission.
  5. orbit at various ranges, start at falloff or max fligth range depending your weapon system(s). then start orbiting in ever closer ranges, all the way down to 500m.
  6. While doing that, observe and watch the effects this has on you and your ship, how much damage you take, how much damage you do (how many hits, misses), how fast you are going (speed changes at close orbits), etc.
  7. Rinse and repeat this until the correlation between the numbers you see on your transversal and angular overview and their practical effects become 2nd nature.

While doing this, learn how to manually “ease” from orbit to orbit so as to optimize your transversals and speed. Try not to make sudden changes that will bring your speed to far down.

Once that is done, then take it to the next step, which is basically the same thing but now do it manually instead of auto orbitting. Meaning you click in space. You don’t need to switch to tactical for this. Once you get the hang of it tactical becomes irrelevant, in some cases it becomes detrimental as it is a based on a 2D plane vs actual 3D gameplay without it, except fleet engagements where you have to keep track of multiple targets.

So start and practice on PvE cuz its super easy peezy and you won’t be bothered while doing so, then take what you learn and apply to PvP. Manual piloting is easy once you get hang of it. Do solo and small engagements 1st until you have the hang of it, use tactical once you start doing a bit bigger fleet stuff.


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