Map - "98 jumps 3 jumps"

When looking at systems…trying to find a low traffic area…what the hell does this mean? Is it 98 jumps or 3 jumps…why is it saying 2 numbers for the same thing?


There is different settings in autopilot menu . Prefer safer, prefer less secure ect ect… as well as you can choose to avoid edencom or trig systems… Also it is possible to avoid some spesific systems by adding them to avoidance list. This means … you can go A to B 4 jumps or 60 jumps depends on your settings in eve online…

Like for example if i roam in low sec and i really dont want to step up any high sec systems as long as not necesary no other way out… then i choose perefer less secure…

This automatically eliminates the shorter high sec systems on the way and suddenly 12 jumps normal over high sec roads becomes 50 jumps nice hunting trip for me over low sec .

If you would like to see more detailed and how to fiddle these setting you can find bluelysian in game and i can stream my screen and show how to use A - auto pilot settings. And explain .

Welcome to eve friend \o/

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No that’s not at all what I’m asking. thanks though. I’m referring to looking at the map, for traffic. IE you can display it to show how many people jump through a system in the last hour. Unfortunately it’s showing 2 completely different number of jumps for each system.

Maybe it is jumps past 24 hours and jumps past hour but just guessing I never use the in-game map to be honest but on dotlan you see stats that way broken down to 24h and 1h periods.

Which ones you picked?

Or you are looking at number of jumps (player activity) and number of jumps from your current location.

“Recent” shows your recent use of options. It displays what you recently clicked on. It’s a ‘help’ option, to help you keep track of your previous choices to be displayed in the map.
So if you clicked on “Average pilots in space…” two hours ago or two days ago the numbers will of course be different.

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I think Corvette was using the pic to ask WHICH option they had chosen under that list… not highlighting what was in recent but the drop down menu.

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I realize that… Still doesn’t matter. The info I gave is correct.

You can click on any in the “Recent” section and it should give you the same information as if you clicked in the Drop-Down. If it doesn’t, it means it’s not updating properly.

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