Marauder vs Capitals

The complexity and material requirements coupled with the amount of reactions needed to produce a Marauder vs the easy to build capitals is making Marauders more expensive than Dreadnoughts… THIS IS BROKEN for obvious reasons.


Same thought I had, i don’t see a reason for having something that expensive when there are other more than capable ships anyway.
Hopefully with the new moon mining prices will come down a bit, I build other cap ships then build that because it is at least more reasonable.

Marauders can enter gated sites like DEDs and missions and offer a huge benefit in tank over other ship classes they have their niche and are good at it.Being t2 yes they are complicated to build but so is a blops or command ships and those have risen in prices alot yet have their own uses aswel.If the price puts you off there are faction BS hulls that can do the job nearly as well as a marauder use those instead.

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