Only T2 dreads?

Ok i love caps, Flying them and building them, but I think most have fallen to the way side. I was sooooo pumped when I heard there was going to be T2 caps, but no not so much since they just going to be t2 dreads. I feel like that carriers are being fazed out. lately cap are stupid costly and if you see any caps in pvp it always dread bomb or Marauders. CCP why is the only ships getting love are dreads, why not give some love to Carriers, Fax, and rorqu? Also how is making T2 dreads going to make caps cheaper to make? A dev said that y’all are upset with home much they are costing now since they Spod and Val was pulled form null space, but y’all haven’t given any more info on the EXP. little over 1.5yr ago you could get a SC hull for about 13bil and titan about 90 to 100. now its closed to 40bil+ for a SC and almost 200bil for a titan.


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i think that was the point of the changes. They wanted to make caps more expensive again.

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Yes, let’s make even more complicated and more expensive ships to build…

CCP… bro.

Cheaper ships that use less materials and can be built faster from blueprints that require less time being researched means, now get this, MORE ships to be flown with LESS risk-avoidance which in-turn creates MORE content which means more players engaged which means more people actually having fun.

When… when will you figure… this… out.

If ships are free, losing ships is meaningless.
If ships are too expensive, people don’t risk flying those ships.

Clearly, ships need to be at a balanced point in between ‘too cheap’ and ‘too expensive’.

You cannot simply argue for ‘cheaper ships is better’ without it breaking the game when prices become too cheap. For example, the introduction of Rorquals put so many minerals on the market in the following years, that capital prices became ridiculously low due to overabundance that CCP even had to introduce the unpopular Scarcity phase to deal with that and make the economy in EVE matter again.

You seem to have grown accustomed to the pre-scarcity prices and think that is how the norm should be. It is not what CCP thinks the norm should be for ship prices.


If you want cheaper ships, there are plenty of ships cheaper than dreads. T2 Dreads are for those with deeper wallets, but may not have access to a place to make, dock, or keep a super/titan.


Well titan fights are now so rare. Big groups are just not using them. Supers are more a burden than an asset. I have 1 super and pve with it is meh. 4 ishtars will make far more isk for a fraction of the isk. Hell 4 hulks will double my supers income for a 1b on the field cost. Dreds in a wormhole work thats real good income. But even then you need to box 4 to 1 cycle a site in c6 sites. Thats 20b of caps on the park.
Dreds tbh are not too bad but carriers, supers amd titans need a good reason to be used. Carriers are just poor. Supers are too expensive. Titans well… why… i just cant think of a reason to have 1.

Maybe… the ships used to project immense power to control whole regions shouldn’t also be the same ships used to make ISK go brrrrr.



(Heavy Battleships) - Abaddon 2.0 - or in other words THINK like Combat Battle cruisers having a size up weapon system

due to increase demands of mobile Capital Weapons, we the Amarr empire decided to strap a giant Laser bay on a Abaddon that runs along on the Left and Right side. that can fit two set’s of X-large Capital Weapons. due to the massive size of the weapons it puts more weight on and the ship moves slower then most Battleships but is faster and more mobile then any capital ship AT A AFFORDABLE PRICE! This allows a mobile strike force able to hit heavily fortified positions before a protection force can be brought together. These ship a slightly higher base EHP but can’t fit a decent tank, all gank-sniper, no tank!

Special Slot - Small-Doomdays device (requires safety mode off and beware where you aim in High Sec!)

Fire from the front of your ship a devastating beam burning all targets directly in front of you
(manually aimed- always shoots straight so don’t shoot your friends!!!) (Thermal DOT damage for targets hit in path, but good luck hitting more then 1 and some initial EM/Thermal damage)

(cause i want to know what it feels like to fly a avatar!!!)

it would be cool to see T2 version of th Abby, Hyper, Rokh, Mel


no not broke just think its stupid how much it costing theses days.

Go to the store and buy plex. Problem solved.

They know what they are doing.

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