Market ESI dead

is the Market ESI dead

Node went down, sadly this is not the end of out of game market esi. No room for blue sky thinking or emergent game play in this game anymore.

Don’t worry your brain dead n+1 game play will be restored shortly. In the mean time why not all go outside for a bit or embrace the touch of a fellow human?

if they are as whining as you are, I rather pass.


Some days I liked my cat who past last year more than humans lol.

That could include the humans I live with. Their titles are wife and son lol. He (the cat) used to run under a bed when they came home and were loud. I wished I could do the same lol.

use the gun, Luke.

or just, like, earplugs ?

Hello bedsheets my old friends.
I’v come to sleep with you again.
because a wifey softly y-screaming
pierced my ears while I was a-snoring
In the kitchen - I was making a sandwich
feel the pain.
I just want sooooome more silence.

Yeah cat didnt have a choice. You did lol

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