Market/History 404 Respone [solved]

I’m currently developing my own (and maybe someday public or Corp Wide) EvE Online Tool.

First let me start with a little thank you: The API is great and i’m really happy to have it.

Now to my problem.
I’m getting the Market History for about 4.000 items.
This is one example call:

Now this above call returns a 404 status “{“error”:“Type not found!”}”
First i thought maybe my static data was outdated, but even with the newest this still occours.
So i implemented a Call to Universe/Types and made sure only known types are requested.

You can imagine that i was a little surprised that even for these types i go the “Type not found” message.

In this response you will find that Type ID 10642 from above.

So, i get a bunch of 404 when requesting my 4000 items. The real problem comes in with “Error limited”
Since i get so many 404 responsed, they get quickly summed up to that limit and the rest of the calls gets blocked with that 420 “Error limited” Code.

My question: I do want to request only valid Types, but where do i find the “valid market types”? As Mentioned the valid universe types do not match.

The item is also in evemarketer empty and no data to see.

My vote would be yes 10642 is a valid type_id, but it is not published, thus not able to be sold/bought on the market.

So filtering out items that are not published would be a start.

There is also an endpoint to get an array of type_ids that are currently on the market in a given region, however i’m not sure if that would be useful for what you are trying to do.

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That was a perfect hit. Up to now i did not pay attention to that published value. Thank you for that fast and great guess. Now they run smooth without 404. Thank you very very much!

I thought about the types, but as you said they do not cover my needs. if that item is not on the market i’d still want to see when and if the item was ever in the market.

But for the first 2.000 not a single 404 up to now, so i think this topic is done and answered. thank you again for that amazing help! :slight_smile:

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