Market menu - finding item tabs with 1 click (simple vs complicated. Design comparission/+suggestion)

I’d like to share my 2 cents on an old issue I re)discovered with the market UI - a rather unintuitive and annoying affair if i may say so.

I will show what Eve does and compare it directly to the site ‘EveMarketer’ which does a way better job with the same UI style but better functionality with 1 tiny change.

This is the ingame market window. As you can see above the Ammo Name there is a ‘path’ where to find the item.

Clicking this path does not open the tabs on the left but takes you to the groups.

…let’s see how ‘Evemarketer’ handles the same item with a single click- yet does a better job…

Here you have the site and the ‘path’ above the item.

Clicking this path does open the tabs on the left - opening up the desired market-section!

You have a better overview of all available items.
You can click those items back and forth for a comparison of prices/locations etc
You can jump to other ammo sizes just as easily from there.
You do not have to sort through ‘item trees’ yourself to do any of this.
[remember! this works for ALL items! Ships, ore, modules, you name it! you can find anything with 1 click!]

This one tiny change, to open the tab tree instead of the (rather bulky) ‘group’ menu, allows for lightning-quick navigation while being far more intuitive and still very simple to understand.

The Marketer-site even offers to not just 'open the latest tab’ but every -single -tab -of the path above!
You can open ‘small ammo’ or ‘standard’ or ‘hybrid’ or just ‘ammo’ (in this example) and jump up and down the item tree as much or as little as you want. Again: all with 1 tiny click.

Especially traders/builders will fall in love with this function! but everyone will benefit from having it!

How this never made it ingame is quite frankly baffling to me.
Eve does have thousands of items and a market which can intimidate a lot of new players (while being tedious to sort through for the rest) …

This small change could have a huge impact on the way people navigate the Eve Market and find their desired items, locations, and pricing…

I hope you can see the value of this feature.

I recommend to anyone to simply go to the site and try it for yourself!
You will be delighted at how easy it is… and annoyed how Eve didn’t add this yesterday :wink:



That is indeed baffling and even more so because it has been suggested in the past.


Wanna know something even more baffling most are not aware of?
This function is kind of ingame! – but in only 1 very obscure place:

‘Simulate fitting’ - you can 'FIND TYPE

-and it opens the tab!

… and this is the regular Market which does NOT has this button.

This I really don’t understand.
It’s not in the market**, the one place you need it**, and it’s not ‘tied’ into the ‘link’ I mentioned in post#1 .

At this point its only a matter to link the function to this line of code.

The community has to pay interest to those kinda features.
Having more backing for those <fundamental improvements< will bring them ingame.


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