Market Orders - Expiration

Why do market orders time out after 90 days (3 months)?

Is there any rationale for limiting to only 3 months? Why not allow orders to last for 12 months? This will help traders boost Lowsec trade hubs with long-term investments from trade-oriented organizations.

Given the 12 month sell order, it would be VERY lucrative for traders to setup orders in all the remote tradehubs and allow for 12 months for those items to make an effective ROI. Similiarly, it’ll spark additional competition when the locals notice that new items are on sale and they want those items for cheaper and thus odds are, they’ll load up a hauler and undercut the rates.

A win-win for everyone. And remote tradehubs get more mods for their PVE/PVP base.

Thus far, I have been unable to find similar discussion on this issue. If there exists related discussion elsewhere, please feel free to point me in the right direction.

Am I missing something obvious here?

Yes, think of the cost of PLEXing an account the rent to use sales on those accounts for up to 90 days before you need to get Omega again to update them all without letting them expire.

What you are asking is to multiply the provision by 4 times for the same cost it takes to do trading the way it is now.

This would result in people who don’t have to log in for a year to do their trading if they want. Cause oversupply on the markets that would push the value of items down like a brickwall against profits by eliminating the lack of supply to provide continuous demand of products that get purchased and eventually used/destroyed through game play and the necessity to have more supply that allows items to go up in value so traders can invest when supply is lower than the demand.

The loss of overall value on the market would make the savings on the cost to do trading by your idea irrelevant in the end and then it is that much more worthless for players to trade those items in the first place when it is that much easier to keep the market over stocked, pushing prices down and being able to ignore the effort required to manage taking advantage of better times to buy and sell on the market as well when there is less of a reason to invest in a drying up market or compete for buy orders when it is that much easier for everyone to sell their products on the market and less necessary to get cash flow in a hurry by seeding those buy orders in the first place that the players who keep the market stabilized depend on.

If this doesn’t make sense to you it is only because I spent five minutes thinking about my response to your suggestion but I am sure there will be others to come and go on into a deep conversation about why this wouldn’t really be a great idea for the economy of eve online.

My 2 isks.

EDIT: on the other hand this is a great idea to create an ever increasing isk sink of assets on the market whose value will be constantly pushing down further and further as time and players get to taking advantage of how much easier it will be to flood the market and leave it alone for a year at a time without any extra effort required being that supply will never run out and prices will never go back up.

TLDR creates that much more bulk in assets on the markets while killing it’s overall net worth.

A very well-reasoned response. I managed to learn a lot from your perspective.

However, I now realize I probably should have word-smithed the idea a bit more. I was attempting to refer to the more remote outposts (PVE or PVP hubs) versus well-stocked tradehubs (Jita, Rens, Amarr, etc). Thus, having a 12 month cycle time on sell-orders for these type of hubs will do well to fill-in the demand for popular PVE and PVP items. Also, it’ll allow the “log-in warriors” to more quickly have access to the critical ammo and mods they need for their 1-3 hours blitz of eve extraveganza.

This type of buff will boost viability of mid to smaller corps and coalitions without being forced to rely on a well-funded and organized indy and logistics wing for ALL of their demand of goods.

I do see how this type of change COULD negatively impact the larger trade hubs. However, I have seen very little evidence that prices would drop so drastically to the point where there’s zero profits for traders/industrialists. Even if they do drop too much due to competition, then put in place a higher broker’s fee or tax for market orders longer than 3 months to follow a model of diminishing returns so that the daily trader will continue to enjoy an advantage over the long-term investment trader.

I do believe that both options can live in harmony and will benefit all parties if it can be carefully thought out with an appropriate penalty fee/tax that’s assessed for market orders past 3 months.

You could collect a game benefit for a year, based on a one month payment to CCP. That doesn’t seem fair to CCP.

I say that as a player who just saw ~30 transactions expire because he lost track, and didn’t log in a character yesterday that he should have :frowning:

I think I understand what you mean but the reliance on demand for items in between the major trade hubs in minor-PvP hubs would decrease significantly if they were that much easier to maintain, which is why they are so lucrative in the first place.

They require more effort to set up and manage, resulting in less supply and competition versus the demand for items closer to the action, which is why they can be much more profitable locations than major trade hubs where their supply ultimately comes from for the most part.

Making it always profitable to buy in high sec and ship to low/null sec for potential sales at higher prices and ultimately that much more worth it to produce and source your market assets locally where possible and necessary.

My suggestion would be that instead of letting the sales expire entirely, they become frozen and temporarily removed from the market if you could not Omega and travel around to modify them before they expire you could instead repay your broker fees on them in one lump sum and action when you next Omega but as a convenience all the sales will be thrown back up onto the market without the time and effort required to do so yourself.

The fees themselves would still be pretty cheap in comparison if you did not have the isk, time and effort at the moments necessary to do so on your own. Would make it easier to take breaks from the game without having to come back at a specific time and then go into the nightmare of figuring out what and quantities and prices you want to throw all your sales back up on the market for every single individual location you had them at.

Markets change.

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