Market Price Change Notification Tool

I would be interested in a tool the can do the following things:

  • For a certain market item I enter a price limit.
  • As soon as there is any offer on the market that is lower than the limit, the tool sends me a notification on PC and/or Android (preferably Android, but PC is fine as well)
  • If the tool only checks one region, that would be fine for me, but multiple region could be an option as well.

Is such a tool allowed, or could it be considered as an illegal market bot?
Is there any tool available with this function?

That tool is called “buy order”.


I do not want to buy anything. I just want to be notified.

I would mainly use this as a notification, that I have to change my sell orders.

Such a tool would be allowed and is legal. Eve has a API which exposes region order information to third party applications.

I’m not sure one exists though. Maybe try the link below and ask if someone has built that, or get some help building that yourself:

Edit: to be complete, there are applications that will track your orders and let you know if you have been over/undercut, I just don’t know of one off the top of my head that sends a phone notification.

technically you can write an app/script that will check market websites like evemarketeer or evepraisal every desired period of time and do something when prices are right. Or just manually check those sites and price history.

It would be nice if I do not have to check it manually. Unfortunately I am not able to write any scripts.

That would be very helpful. Can you name any (also for PC) that will provide this functionality?

Eve Mogul (web based) and Evernus have this functionality. I think there also may be a discord bot with this functionality, although maybe that was something Eve Mogul does.

Thank you

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