Mars Insight

…Has landed.

I’m sure many who play this game can appreciate the implications of this and peripheral work done. Congrats to all involved in the project.


Thanks for the update, missed the time. :slight_smile:

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Congratulations to NASA, JPL and everyone involved! Excellent news!!

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Worth sharing for those who haven’t seen it:

Space is truly beautiful.

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I have a confuse, with all the holes we have made on earth, we still have questions as to how the two planets where formed?. So we must go to mars to find out?, seems like someone just added that to get a bit more funding. To drill for to find out how the martian core is i can understand, but not the finding out how earth and mars where formed.
Where people just guessing before?, cause i have seen loads of science stuff about how they formed…

As with science in general, a theory is just a theory.

It may be well founded with observations that are consistent with expectations, but at the end of the day, those expectations are a theory themselves.

It is only by collecting more and more information that we can further cement those theories. Or maybe the hole in mars will also poke a hole in established theory. One beautiful part of science is finding out you were wrong.

That said, Earth and Mars are quite different from each other. There’s a lot to be learned about Mars still. We need more… insight.

As for the bit about funding… no. Money is insanely tight for these organizations. They have to pick and choose with the utmost of care which projects will give them the biggest bang for their buck. They could easily spend hundreds of billions, trillions even, on additional projects.

My personal hope is that one day we can grab a metal-rich asteroid and pull it into a stable high Earth orbit… start a foundry up in space. There’s a lot of neat tricks that can be done to metal when it’s processed in space. Not to mention the massive economic boon of a few trillion dollars worth of rare elements waiting to be literally dropped on customers.


I had dream about some deep drilling.

Maybe you forget that once you have a rocket factory on the moon, (or on an asteroid), the launch cost can go into other activity and taking care of life.
And yes, that also include managing it so that it doesn’t cause problems with over-population and overcharge.

So to find out more about earth we have to go to mars, seems abit silly. Buy hey it’s not my money, so i guess they can do what they like.

But then i want to see Red Mars, Green Mars, Blue Mars and The Martians.

Rule 34?

To be honest I was hoping someone would mention a planet with more apriopriate name. :wink:

This is EVE Nana, not reddit or something of the sort :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

They’re formed of the same stellar material (we think), they’re both governed by the same laws of physics.

Quick and basic analogy, consider the somewhat primitive but ultimately useful practice of animal testing. We learn about what helps us by testing it on other less sentient animals. Ethics aside (definitely don’t want to derail the thread lol), we can learn a lot about something from something similar.

Apparently I need to step up my game.


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