Down the gravity well, and back up

Oh my goodness, darlings, I got a little too close to a gas giant and did a deep dive into metallic hydrogen. I must say, nothing focuses your mind quite like having it compressed between diamond rain and the end of entropy but wow!

So much has changed!

Nation stands on the precipice of total victory… er, I mean a drifting Jovian splinter cell stands on the precipice… oh bloody hell bloody darlings its some bloody new previously unknown bloody faction…

Waiter! Vodka!

Oh! That makes this the third time some edgy edge sultans other than the Swarm have stood upon the precipice of total cluster domination. I get it, now. Tri! What a charming coincidence. Is charming the right word? Yes, let’s go with charming.

Also by complete coincidence, there exists a trifecta of perfectly viable established ancient enigmatic mysterious edge sultan factions - the Talovians, the Everybody Wang Chung Tonight, and the Takmen - who have thus far failed to find the undock button… not that I am having any more luck. Why am I in a salvaging catalyst? Why… oh, I seem to have a little more cash on hand than I remember, not that I remember much of anything…

Waiter! Two vodkas!

I’m sure everything will be fine.



Here’s hoping. You’re probably right though.

No, no darling, it will be fine. I’ve seen this before, and before, and… before. Alas, Awakened Infomorph, we scarcely knew you. Our worries will soon, or in a couple of years, be given over to the Quadraceptum Obliviatori, and obviously something must eventually happen with that damn frigate syphoning a star to support its force field.

Throw another one on the record machine, DJ, I feel like dancing to the end of the world!

Everybody Yan Chung tonight!


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