Rust or is it?

This picture is of the surface of Mars;

I have done a lot of rockhounding and this is reminiscent of river channels I’ve been in, near the Cibola area (Arizona) California side, the topography and rocks seem to be very similar make up, lots of iron.

Here is the article if you are interested yourself, just a side note the picture NASA had the rover do used filters which enhanced the color but it is still very much like those rocks I’ve seen.


Did you read that it is confirmed they get Marsquakes?

Yes, there shouldn’t be on Mars since it’s supposed to be geologically inactive but there it is, I suppose our data on it is inaccurate in some areas after all it’s still a long way out.

I think it’s still alive, just significantly weaker than it used to be. I think there’s simple life on Mars too.

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