Space cadets, so what is this object on Mars?

This is a strange object and kinda doesn’t fit in the normal object we find in nature, seems like our imaginations as humans are either susceptible to being fooled or there are too many oddities on Mars to continue to be explained away.

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having read the article, I wouldn’t say that it “doesn’t fit in the normal object we find in nature” material analysis showed it is just a thin sliver of rock, the only thing unusual about it is its location since it doesn’t match the rocks in the immediate area. however there are FAR weirder things that happen in nature (for example I once found some dried clay that had formed itself into a near perfect bowl, like throw it in a kiln, put some sealant on it and you could sell it to hipsters as hand made kinda perfect bowl)

it is certainly unusual though, and any guesses as to how it got there would be pure spectulation (probably why they don’t spectulate either because there isn’t enough evidence to back up any conjecture making them rather pointless for science) but if I was to take a stab at it, i’d say its possible that given how thin the piece is, it may have been blown there by either one of those global dust storms that pop up every 5 years or so, or by a more localized dust devil. now with how thin mars’ atmosphere is, and with those storms not normally exceeding 60 mph they aren’t anywhere close to as powerful as here on earth. but that fleck of rock might have been just thin enough, and just the right shape to catch the wind and get carried a considerable distance.

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It is only unusual to us, because when we see such a structure do we instinctively think of it as man-made and because here on Earth the chance for it being man-made is very high. This creates a very strong bias and of course when something like this is found in a place where no man has been before then it leaves us wondering who put it there.

We have changed our environment to a point where we can no longer imagine something being special, but we expect to find man-made things everywhere. And they are, aren’t they?

It’s certainly an interesting find. Thanks for the link.

Hell yes they are. If there is something that is proven behind a doubt then that our perception can be fooled very very easily.

Did you ever wonder why this things called “optical illusions” work. There is nothing magical about those pictures, it’s because our brain completely fails to correctly interpret a simple drawing.

This is exactly the reason why the robot has other sensors on board tho find our wth is going on if we once again see aliens and spaceships in a freakin rock.

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Funny thing is, the most interesting sensor on the rover is a laser. :sparkler: Pew pew pew …

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we can find images of dragons, rabbits, faces, airplanes, damn near anything really in the clouds. and no one thinks anything is strange about it. but the second some rocks on mars when seen from orbit happen to look kinda like a face ZOMG ALIENS!!!


Also without even googling we can be pretty sure that there are now those people who rather hold on to the debris theory (or ZOMG ALIENS) despite the laser and think NASA wants to hide something despite publishing the pictures in the first place.

Another complete brain failure, though only limited to a certain amount of people.

Is it any wonder… people still think the earth is flat and everyone is lying about it.

Yeah, but there are only very few that have such extreme views. The problem is that their view is so special they become like a circus attraction and all the light are on them for entertainment purposes.

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