Marshal Cloak speed

Hi To all, I have a question about working out the cloak speed of the Marshal.

the Marshal has a default speed of 139.8m/s and should get a bonus of 125% of max velocity when cloaked. The cloaking device has a -75% multiplier to max velocity.

How do they work it out that the ship under cloak only does 40.9 m/s

It should be the 125% of (normal speed -75%), or: (normal x 0.25) x 1.25.

Also maybe some skills affect the actual speed.

It does more.

its 125% PER skill level, so if you max it, you will actually do +625% speed, which will bring you faster than the default speed.

With Black Ops V the cloaked speed is: 139.8 * 0.25 * 7.25 = 139.8 * 1.8125 = 253.4 m/s, which is a bonus of 81.25% to the default speed. This is fairly fast for a battleship/Black Ops ship.

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