Marshal PVE Fit

I know it`s crazy to do PVE in a Marshal, however i like to to much not to use it.
Do you have any good fits to run lvl4 missions with Marshal?

Sir, please put down the PvE Marshal and step away…


The best way, by far, to use an extremely expensive Marshal for Lvl 4 missions is to admire it in station right before boarding your rattlesnake fit with cruise missiles and sentries drones to go run the actual missions.

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This is my current fit:

Please let me know if you have any suggestions.

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where are u doing level 4 might need to go with specific hardner

replace the two extenders with cap rigs
replace the LSE with another a-type invul

that’s already enough to have same EHP, better rep.
add a flux coil in the low. maybe a missile guidance enhancer. maybe a 4th BCU.


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One way or another, we’ll see you later on the killboards o/…

You are right, based on the feedback, i change it to a golum, more fitted for PVE than marshal.

1.3k DPS, Stable CAP, 346hp/s (no bastion) 700hp/s (bastion active) active shield tank (18k shield buffer)

Do you have any suggestions on this new fit?

  • guidance computer is useless when yo have painter bonuses.
  • drop the extender for a MJD.
  • drop the pwoer diag for a DCU.

All good ideas. Would add since you should be running with a MTU you drop,especially if you bastion up, change one of your tractor beams for a Salvage 2 for the special wreck salvage. Course, if you are one of those sprint to the mission finish line players, keep the 2 tractor for any quick grabs as you speed through.

use two packrat MTUs, MJD to be in range of MJD of the gate, drop one packrat, move away 5000M from it, drop the second, KAR the first one 2500m to be in the middle, bastion, shoot, use your salvage drone to eat up the wreclks when the packrat bring it at your foot.
no need for tractor
no need for salvager.

If someone warps in the grid, stop bastion, then scoop the mtus, the loot, warp away.

Any chance the 2 MTUs would engage in wreck tug of war if your salvage drones couldn’t clear the wrecks fast enough? Just wondering if this would set up a situation where further wrecks are ignored by the MTUs as they grab the nearest ones (ie, the ones the other MTU grabbed already).

TLDR The salvage speed of the drones is too high.

One salvage drone has ±10% chance to salvage a 0% difficulty wreck . That means with a BS wreck, it’s ±20% chance to salvage it per cycle. with 5 drones it’s 100-0.8^5 = 67% chance to have your 5 drones succeed in once cycle, that means average number of cycles for a BS wreck is 1.5 ie 15s.

A packrat moves wrecks at 1250 m/s so two packrats is ± 2500 m/s (actually two wrecks in parrallel), in 15s the wreck moved less than 40km. If you did a MJD the rats should be further than 40km. if you MJD on them, and the rats are 40km or less(actually less than 37km AND only BS) then only drop one MTU.

medium wrecks are 30% chance per cycle, so 1.2 cycle for the salvage drone flock, that’s 30km range for the MTU.

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Thank you. I always enjoy the times you “sit down” and explain the math and logic beneath your answers. Makes perfect sense now.

Use this one instead:

[Golem, *Devil’s Right Hand]
Caldari Navy Ballistic Control System
Caldari Navy Ballistic Control System
Caldari Navy Ballistic Control System
Sentient Damage Control

Pithum A-Type Adaptive Invulnerability Field
Pithum A-Type Adaptive Invulnerability Field
Pithum A-Type Adaptive Invulnerability Field
Pith X-Type EM Ward Field
Gist X-Type X-Large Shield Booster
Domination Heavy Stasis Grappler
Republic Fleet Target Painter

Dread Guristas Torpedo Launcher
Dread Guristas Torpedo Launcher
Dread Guristas Torpedo Launcher
Dread Guristas Torpedo Launcher
Bastion Module I
Salvager II
Salvager II
Corpus B-Type Heavy Energy Nosferatu

Large Warhead Rigor Catalyst II
Large Warhead Rigor Catalyst II

Hobgoblin II x13

Nanite Repair Paste x50
Inferno Javelin Torpedo x200
Caldari Navy Inferno Torpedo x2608
Mobile Tractor Unit x1

So, this thing has a 15-18k DPS tank overheated (8.1-8.8k normal) that survives almost everything.
Its proven to survive:

  • 50+ Trigs
  • 28 man Catalyst gank (highsec, wasnt even overheated)
  • 8 man Tornado gank (highsec, got not even through the shields)

In addition it has 1200 DPS and good looting/salvaging options - thats the only Marauder you need

What happened to the Marshal they look so cool! We need more Marshals in space yes it could be dangerous but when has that stopped anyone ?

it’s just a bad PVE ship.

That’s sad it’s such a beautiful ship :confused:

who cares ?

You can still spin it all you want. Just not useful.