Rattlesnake RHML fit

Just returned to the game and want to run some lvl4’s in hisec. I’ve found plenty of Rattlesnake fits but they all seem to be long range cruise missile sniper fits. Has anyone got a Rattlesnake RHML fit?

Rattlesnake is one of the absolute worst possible fits you can possible use for low-level PVE. It is grossly inferior even to some of the T1M0 BSes (Cruise Typhoon and Sentry Dominix, maybe others). Take it from me, I’m the Co-Head of the United Standings Improvement Agency [USIA] that employs mission runners to serve our clients - we’ve worked hard to perfect the art of blitzing L4 missions. We’ve done extensive damage modeling using custom target profiles in pyfa and field testing of a wide variety of ship configurations and have determined that the Rattlesnake, while great for certain higher end content (especially Emerging Conduits), simply does not belong in L4s unless you want to take forever. The reason for this is simple: if you are familiar with damage/precision mechanics, then you know that Actual Damage = Potential Damage * Precision, and Rattlesnake is one of the least precise ships in existence, so its actual damage is horribly low against the specific targets seen in L4s.

You can check out some of the fits we recommend on our website. If you’d be interested in getting paid to run missions you’re already planning to run, join the USIA Discord server and I’ll be happy to discuss the opportunities we offer.

And there is a reason for that. Some L4 missions will require capability of reaching 100+ km. Other reason is that it is easier to not lose volleys, RHML fires so rapidly, that you will send 2 - 3 volleys to already dead body way too often.

Rattlesnake is used for ‘full room clear’ instead of Machariel mission blitz mobil because you have double DPS (well, not really, but still more, than usuall BS hull) because you have drones bonus and missiles on top of that. So where Dominix strugles to do 600-700 DPS with sentries, Rattlesnake does 500-600 DPS from drones and other 300-400 real DPS from missiles. More if you are good at peaking targets.

Usually you jump so, that NPC are 60-70 km from you and hammer BS NPC with missiles while drones are working at small targets, that are burning toward you with 0 transversal speed.

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