Masquerade on Saint Razhden’s Day

History, Imagination, Faith!

The Societas is pleased to host the First Annual Masquerade on Saint Razhden’s Day, with a theme set during the early decades of the Udorian Wars during the Amarr and Khanid conquest of Ves-Udor (circa 20185 AD). This was a time before gunpowder and complex machines. A time of swords and shields and sailing vessels. A time of Paladins and Knights. Saint Razhden was a warrior saint, with both piety and martial prowess.

Guests are asked to wear period garb, whether of the Empire or their own culture’s equivalent periods. As an example, here is Lunarisse’s Ceremonial Armor, the design of which dates back to that period. It is also traditional for the wearer’s eyes and/or face to be masked. As explained in cultural texts about the Amarr

“Outside of ritual, masks are also used as a form of Amarrian heraldry. These masks, decorated with specific colors and iconography according to a strict set of rules, represent Amarrian noble houses, and they are frequently worn at high society affairs.”

With the blessing and permission of the Lady Abbess Sisyriana Kahoud, the event will be held at the Ballroom of the Manu Dei e Tet Rimon Castle on the grounds of the Finishing School of the Little Sisters of the Most Blessed Sword on Hama II. Shuttles will be provided to and from the facility and the local Planetary Customs Office in orbit.

Date: November 27, YC 124
Time: 19:00 NEST to late
Location: “Hama II - Shuttleport & Security”
Dress: Period Garb, as set forth above.
Who: Allies, Blues, and Neutrals of Khimi Harar. No Reds.
No R.S.V.P. needed but if you need approval of a Plus 1, please contact Lunarisse Aspenstar

Prizes will be awarded!
Best Costume (for a single person)
Best Coustume (for a pair or group of guests)
Best story behind a costume


Are bladed weapons allowed to be carried and do said blades need to be appropriately dulled or blunted if so?

I ask only so that I may shape any pieces I may forge appropriately.

And though I am quite busy of late, I am quite skilled in a variety of things in metalworking, from jewelry to weapons. I am reachable by Evemail if you wish to work with me on a particular piece for the event.


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Yes to both questions.

Are we on the red list ?

Of course you are.

How about us? Though I might have to come in Matari tribal paints as I doubt the Triglavians even remember their medieval period.

I would expect that traitors who have defected to the Triglavians are certainly on the red list.


Updated to reflect Prizes will be awarded!


Updated to reflect initial coordinates:

“Hama II - Shuttleport & Security”

Time remains 19:00 NEST, Nov. 27th.

Venue is now open!


Best Costume (for a single person)
First: Ekaterina DeSilvestris
Runners-up (Tie): Liana Gelert and Zekaien Hakotama

Best Costume (for a pair or group of guests)
First: Utari Onzo and Laisariona Raske
Runner Up: Miran Tereven and Nikki Enakka

Best Stories behind the Costumes
First (tie!): Faye Faye Nahkriin and Ekaterina DeSilvestris

All first place winners got 500 million and all Runners Up got 100 million.
Thanks to my dear husband, Franco Phonaga, for donating the prizes!


My thanks for another wonderful evening, My Lady. It was a delightful event and everyone’s costumes and stories were most engaging. I am very touched that so many people were entertained by my humble efforts, I thank you all.


Next time, if we are invited, we could play the Udorians.

I’m glad to see that people enjoyed themselves without any planets exploding. Perhaps that Chakaid guy’s ibfluence has been completely purged by now, in which case, hurrah.

Hello everyone, I’m new to the capsuleer program and am excited to spread the opulence, might and wealth of our empire. I was hoping to meet some fellow Amarrians, unfortunately I missed this most recent chance.

I’m interested in attending an event of this kind, I would be more than grateful if someone were to keep me in the loop. Nice to meet you all.
Hail the empress.

:pray:t2: :fire:
Bathe them in holy fire…

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