Masquerade on Saint Razhden’s Day

History, Imagination, Faith!

The Societas is pleased to host the Third Annual Masquerade on Saint Razhden’s Day (or close enough!), with a theme set during the early decades of the Udorian Wars during the Amarr and Khanid conquest of Ves-Udor (circa 20185 AD). This was a time before gunpowder and complex machines. A time of swords and shields and sailing vessels. A time of Paladins and Knights. Saint Razhden was a warrior saint, with both piety and martial prowess.

Guests are asked to wear period garb, whether of the Empire or their own culture’s equivalent periods. As an example, here is Lunarisse’s Ceremonial Armor , the design of which dates back to that period. It is also traditional for the wearer’s eyes and/or face to be masked . As explained in cultural texts about the Amarr

“Outside of ritual, masks are also used as a form of Amarrian heraldry. These masks, decorated with specific colors and iconography according to a strict set of rules, represent Amarrian noble houses, and they are frequently worn at high society affairs.”

With the blessing and permission of the Lady Abbess Sisyriana Kahoud, the event will be held at the Ballroom of the Manu Dei e Tet Rimon Castle on the grounds of the Finishing School of the Little Sisters of the Most Blessed Sword on Hama II. Shuttles will be provided to and from the facility and the local Planetary Customs Office in orbit.

Date: November 4th, YC 125
Time: 19:00 NEST to late
Location: “Hama II - Shuttleport & Security”
Dress: Period Garb, as set forth above.
Who: Allies, Blues, and Neutrals of Khimi Harar. No Reds.
No R.S.V.P. needed but if you need approval of a Plus 1, please contact Lunarisse Aspenstar

Prizes will be awarded!
Best Costume (for a single person)
Best Coustume (for a pair or group of guests)
Best story behind a costume


Oh, wow. That’s really cool. And I bet there is some really neat history behind it.

If I understand correctly, for those that attend, we can choose outfits that a period specific for our chosen ethnicity?

If that is the case, I would like to attend wearing my take on traditional summer warlord garb from the Raata Empire.

Correct! You are welcome to come Mr. Thorne and to wear appropriate period attire for your chosen entity. I hope you will also tell us the story about it when you come.

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Updated to reflect new date of Saturday, November 4th, YC 125

This being hasn’t much interests about masquerade balls and the ancient eras of Gallente Prime (Kingdom of Rouvenor, Garoun Empire…) hasn’t mentions about specific traditional masks (but surely they should have some practices, especially at the Garoun Empire era).

Despite this, he has some clothes and SKINs that could be useful for participants and also to put them as prize. If you need them, contact him.

I will be there wearing something quite special. I’m excited to show it off and share the history behind it. Are masks mandatory or that just for Amarrian guests?

I will be wearing the robes of my namesake, the sage Nimrat, who is said to be the originator of my cycle of rebirth. We Reborn are the original informorphs, or so my culture would have you believe.

Should be a fun time!


Thanks to all who attended!

This year’s winners for best costume were:
First (Tie) Gov. Evelyn) Arnoux, Vizage, Lady Ekaterina deSilvestris
Second (Tie) Bishop Merdaneth & Lady Erica Munory
Third: (Tie) Neferure Giergali, Razic Shazih, Nimrat, Laika Ashina, Maerrin, Aria Jenneth, and myself

This year’s winners for best story related to costume were:
First - Lady Ekaterina deSilvestris
Second (Tie) Nimrat and Gov. Evelyn Arnoux
Third - Lord and Lady Thrace

Prizes will be sent out tomorrow.

Thank you mrs. Lunarisse Phonaga for organising the St. Razhden day’s masquerade!

Since its inception it has become one of the major social events for Amarrian capsuleers and friends. It was a whirlwind of amazing costumes, knights, assassins, swordsmen, … beekeepers. And the stories accompanying them were so delightful. The magnificent setting Manu Dei e Tet Rimon Castle gave them an extra dimension!

It was also very nice to see our friends from the Federation! May the détente between the Empire and the Federation last and deepen. Warm hugsies to commander Adams, you were such a fine Gallentean sailor boy, I’ve been dreaming about you afterwards! #AxlYouMissedSomething


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Yes. I was unable to attend. Many apologies, but I had some pressing issues crop up that required my immediate attention.

Perhaps next year?

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