[EVENT OVER] A Midsummer Night's Masquerade

♫Come one, come all
A journey awaits you
Hear our call
May whimsy take you
As you fall
Do not be afraid to
Lose it all
But nothing’s what it seems!♫

Who: Everyone*
What: A Masquerade Ball
When: Aug 1st 1700 NEST to whenever we run out of drugs and alcohol
Where: Castle of the Sapphire Sun on Deninard IV

It is nearing midsummer, and once again, I am going to be putting on a masquerade ball at my castle. All capsuleers are welcome to attend.* Like before, costumes, disguises, even wholly-new custom clones are encouraged. No one is required to reveal their identity if they do not wish.

This year I wish to try a theme. Nothing too specific: whimsy. That should be broad enough that everyone can come up with something in their own particular idiom. There will also be a costume contest. In true Gallente fashion, all the guests will vote.

Some boilerplate from last year:

The venues that will be available to guests include the Grand Ballroom, which will be playing music of a variety still yet to be determined. The courtyard will feature a bonfire and buffet in a spacious outdoor setting just adjacent to the Grand Ballroom. Guest may also enter the Garden of Blue Roses by passing through the Hall of Statues adjacent the courtyard.

Since this will be open to pilots from all races and empires, a few ground rules are in order, to ensure the evening goes pleasant despite the myriad cultures I hope attend. (I’m still not bitter over last year, I promise.)

There is no nudity allowed. Nor are sexually obscene costumes allowed. No weapons will be allowed. No nanites of any weird kind allowed, be they Sansha, clothing-dissolving, fire-starting, or other. Guests engaging in inappropriate behaviour may be warned or removed with no notice.

I look forward to seeing (or not!) all of you there. Last year’s soiree was amazing, and I am sure this one will match or exceed the splendour of last year.

*Nauplius is not welcome to attend. Further information can be found here.


Who else isn’t allowed ?

That is the entirety of the public list. As you are not on it, Ms. Valate, you are welcome to attend.

We can’t allow that to happen. Do I need to bring more?

I think I have enough stocked to keep us going until YC645291 or so. . . .


Sounds like this will be the party to end all parties then…

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…I am prepared to admit that the immortality of the capsuleer is not a literal immortality…

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A leisurely visit to your castle is long overdue, Litha dear.

Will there be nymphs? Will there be hallucinogenic bushes? Will we be able to remember the events of the evening on the following morning? The mind boggles at the possibilities…

There will be nymphs! Even more nymphs than before, as I am hiring some Achuran ones. There will be hallucinogenic bushes, just like before! And more drugs, including Cryllisium—rumored to be the favorite of Empress Jamyl! (There will also be the usual.) As far as remembering what happens the following morning, well . . .

Looking forward to figuring out who you are.

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Apologies to all, however events came up that mandate the masquerade be postponed. Again, my deepest apologies.

Okay, so I thought a Friday night would work great. However! I have a royal function that I cannot miss. So, it will be August 1st, a Saturday.


Really looking forward to this, and I have already planned a pretty good clone for the nights masquerade. Looking forward to seeing, or not seeing a few good faces

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The Masquerade is in just a few days! I can hardly believe how it snuck up on me! Preparations are going well, and I am looking forward to this so much.

This year, there will also be a private room, with a doorman only allowing entrance to those that know the password. As the clues have been seeded the whole year, I also look forward to knowing who is astute enough to get in!

Sapphire Gate ((channel name)) will begin admitting guests into the courtyard at 1600. The doors to the ballroom will open around 1700.


Is it ‘I know where your shiny supercarrier is docked’?

I mean, that’d be a really weird password, but I figured I’d take a guess. :smirk: (Seriously, though, I admit, I have no idea what it would be. I just haven’t had the bandwidth to even deal with most of my own crap these last few months.)


I would also like to announce that, as far as I know, there is no truth to the rumor that Midna is going to attend my Masquerade. She’s invited, of course, but I am given to understand she’s busy.

The party was a very nice affair, and I’d like to thank our hostesses and everyone who was involved. It was a lot of fun!


The Masquerade was a huge success. The Costume Contest ended in a tie between two really great costumes. The prize was a corvette of their choosing.

And! In a surprise, Maira proposed to Raxi and Hikari!

The psychoactive ice cream was also a huge hit. To protect the guilty, I won’t mention who suggested that, but my thanks to them for the suggestion. I’m sure I’ll have more thoughts to post, but it’s going to take a week for me to decompress.

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Oh, so…is the party over? Should I leave?
I’m still trying to guess the password…

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Sin likes to do early morning activities, Che. If you run into her, she’ll probably get you some breakfast.

My thanks for hosting this party. I didn’t get a chance to properly thank you at the party, so this will have to do.

The ice cream was indeed very nice. If I ever throw a party again, I might order some.


P.S. I’m curious, was there anyone there who did not know who I was?