Masquerade OOC

So, I realize we have some new and returning people who missed last year. Here’s the cool thing about the Masquerade:

You can come on your main if you want to. Or, you can make an alt (alpha account or whatever, doesn’t matter). That alt can be a ‘costume’ of a character. It can even be a completely new clone made for event. You do not have to tell anyone who you are. You may, of course. Shoot, I am still finding out names of people that came last year that I had no clue!

Generally speaking, most people make special characters for this event, as a lot of then fun is not knowing who is whom (whom is who?—screw English).

I apologize that this event was delayed. Life decided to run over me with a dump truck.

Any OOC questions can be posted here and I will be happy to answer them.

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