Masquerade Ball OOC Fiddly Bits

So, some OOC chat on this soiree. Given that CCP deigned to give us all access to alts through alpha accounts, I would like to take advantage of it for this masquerade ball.
At present, I’m not sure whether it should be a condition of entry to the party that someone come on an Alpha alt as their ‘character in costume or not,’ however, I think it would be much more fun not to know who you are talking to, which the normal chat system doesn’t allow. This is a new idea that, as far as I know, has not been done, so the ideas are in some level of flux as details are ironed out.

Given that people will be on unknown alts, I will also be looking for one or two players to help mod this OOCly to ensure things go smoothly.

I’ve included a poll to get some feedback.

  • People should be allowed to come on their mains if they wish
  • People should be only be admitted if they are an unknown alt AND the alt is the same race and gender of the character that alt is standing in for
  • People should only be admitted if they are an unknown alt AND it doesn’t matter what race and gender relation that alt has to the main.

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I really like the idea to have ‘unknown alts’ as an option but I don’t think it should be a hard requirement. Some folk, even irl, make it obvious who they are and use the event as a chance just to show off their outfits and creative masks. It’s 6 of one half a dozen of the other, but I do like the sound of it!


For those who do use alts, I think they should be required to give the name of their alt to a mod ahead of time, for continuity’s sake.

Also, as a complete aside, your IC thread title says YC119, but it’s YC121. Was this intentional or a brain fart?


Brain fart, but fixed, thanks.

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God dammit. Now I bought this timemachine all for nothing.


Interesting idea! So IC this unknown alts thing it’s like people “wearing” physically altered clones made for this occasion?

It could be that, or it could be just a bitchin’ costume. I would leave that up to the player. My idea behind this would be a masquerade where people didn’t actually know, even OOC, who they were talking to.

A character can be in a costume, or in a different clone for the event. I will leave it up to players so long as it says within the bounds of reason.

And Litha has wings and can fly, so reason is rather broad.


Okay, so the poll results were pretty overwhelming. So, people may come on their mains if they wish, though they still must be in costume. (Which I recommend to put in your biography.)

At the moment, I am working on Mel’s idea as to whether people should be allowed to ‘register’ their alts to the mod ahead of time.

The good news is that I have shanghaied obtained the services of both Garion Avarr and Azazel “Draconis” Draconis to assist in modding the event. Their modding services will be completely occ to help me manage an event with the gods only know how many people in at least 4 different rooms. If people are required to register their alt, it will only have to be with one of them, so you can still surprise someone else, if you wish.

  • I think players should be required to give the name of their alt to a mod ahead of time.
  • I DO NOT think players should be required to give the name of their alt to a mod ahead of time,

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In the truest form of the Federation, voting is open now.

(Yes, I know this is ooc.)

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