[Event] Midsummer Festival - 16 to 17 July

As opposed to the usual Midsummer Masquerade, I’ve decided to do something a bit different this year, with the gracious help of Mizhir and Pami. Started Friday, 16th July 1800NEST, I’ll be hosting an open-air market and festival, location TBA. Guests are welcome to set up tents or temporary structures nearby in the field, and enjoy the starry expanse. We’ll hopefully have a storyteller, or two, that evening around a roaring fire.

Saturday, 17th July throughout the day, guests are invited to come and go and explore the market stalls, where crafts and other objects of interest will be sold. At 1900NEST, there will be a concert and dancing. Children are welcome too!

More will be announced shortly as planning continues. As an assurance, there will be security and a designated entry point. However, I would encourage people to come in the gentle, peaceful spirit of the event.


I am already looking forward to this!

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Will have location details shortly.

This sounds lovely! I hope I am able to attend.

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It is an open event so no invitation would have been sent out. But good on you for tearing up your pretend one. I think I can speak for a lot of people saying this event will be a much nicer environment without someone complaining about it.

Here is a bit of advice - “If you’ve got nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”

@Lasairiona_Raske Myself and NADSC are thoroughly looking forward to this and we will make sure we can attend.


I’m looking forward to seeing you and your corpmates!

Will their be any issues with the location with regards to affiliations anyone might have, or will it be a neutral venue?

Inherent ones, of course. As much as I hope things go smoothly, I admit that it’s amusing to imagine something stupid enough to attempt anything… impolite at one of your events.

-Lady Abigail Renaud

P.S. Will there be remote power transfer provided or would it be acceptable to have unarmed ships in low orbit to provide our own? You’re welcome to contact me privately to discuss further logistics, if necessary.

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A very umm interesting question.

The venue will be neutral with all the accommodations necessary. Having any ship in low orbit would be ill-advised. This is a peaceful event.



And it was merely a peaceful offering if such a service needed to be provided <3

Celeste and I are greatly looking forward to it.

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I will be attending and bring a few stories to tell as well as my cello. Thank you for having this @Lasairiona_Raske


Thanks so much for the offer. @Elsebeth_Rhiannon has offered to story tell, so we’ll see what space is available for the evening.

Coming up this weekend! :slight_smile:

If I may @Lasairiona_Raske, would you permit my modest stall of Cormorants and Jackals Merchandise?
We will be selling all manner of trinkets from miniatures dolls to holopics of our lovebirds. I’m hoping both will be present to sign some posters and t-shirt too!?

As natural as they come,

Julian ‘Eddie’ Flavours
CEO/Founder, Cormorants and Jackals

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I’ll have to consult with my co-coordinator, @Pamitha_Devara

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HAH! God, this just keeps getting better.

Bet your ass I will be there.

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I haven’t said yes yet. Frankly, I’m going to pass this time @Julian_Flavours I feel it would take away from the spirit of the event that I’m trying to create :slight_smile:


Oh pish posh, it would of been fine!

But I respect your decision. I would not want to ruin my reputation by gate crashing a lovely festival.

On that note, anyone wishing to buy the millions of isk worth of merch that we have created that has #SaharaMantelYC123 - Midsummer Bash on it, send me an evemail.

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While I appreciate your entrepreneurial endeavors, please don’t use my event post for them. You have a very well-populated thread for that. Thanks :slight_smile:

In addition, as one business owner to another, it’s sensible to wait for a response before investing in merchandise. All the best!


The location for this is The Kalka Plains ((this is the channel name)).

See you tomorrow at 1800NEST!


Due to unforeseen circumstances, tonight’s concert has been cancelled. Apologies. We’ll try to reschedule in a few weeks.