Mass test on Singularity: Thursday, October 19th, 2017


(CCP Paradox) #1

Hi everyone,

We are planning a mass test on Singularity this Thursday, October 19th, at 17:00 UTC (= EVE time)!

What exactly is being tested?

Guristas Shipyards
Client and server performance

How to connect to Singularity for this test:

Change the server from Tranquility to Singularity in the upper left corner of the launcher and log in as normal. More detailed instructions are available here.

Test steps:

  1. We will be using /moveme to go to the RO0-AF system. There is an Outpost/Station here that you can dock at and use the Market.
  2. Meet up at the station inside this System
  3. Join one of two available fleets (X and W)
  4. FCs will all warp their fleets within different distances of the shipyard. (X fleet will warp at 0km, W fleet will warp at 50km)
  5. FCs call NPC targets and fight.
  6. Once the Guristas Shipyard is destroyed, Fleet X and W will fight each other in a free-for-all brawl.

2M Skill points will be awarded on Singularity for this mass test

Known Issues

  • The Caimans will not be shield boosting in the mass test.

Massentest am 19. Oktober um 17:00 Uhr UTC
(Gina Barbagrigia) #2

Pretty please, no scaps.

(Tasman Cabrillo) #3

how did it go?

(Lord Vyper) #4

Any updates on the results? Lag, Mechanics, etc…

(CCP Paradox) #5

2 million skillpoints have been awarded to 273 participants for helping with the mass test. Thank you!

For the test results, it was a success. If you were part of the test we would be very interested in hearing how the client performed for you.

There was an issue identified with the Caiman Dreadnoughts not able to attack, and this is now being worked on.

(Chan'aar) #6

Considering I have a low spec PC (i3-6100 / gtx 750) and a VERY poor internet connection (under 750mbps, yes less than three quarters of a megabyte per sec) I was very impressed with the lack of lag. I was able to control my ship fine, warp in and out with no issues and shoot at what I wanted. Things stuttered a bit when the big npc gangs warped in but otherwise great job!

(CCP Paradox) #7

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