Master-at-arms cerebral accelerators

I thought this would be the proper forum to ask this as it is skill related.

Where do these accelerators come from? Are they in game LP reward items, or concord LP related? I’ve looked through a few LP stores but could not find them, and there is little to no info on the web or on the forums. These are not event related.

Thanks, Lei

I’ve been away for a while and the origin of this C.A. is unknown to me.

They are rewards for the recruit a friend program.

Dont you mean scam a friend program?


I went over to the “buddy program recruit a friend thread” and wow - every post was exactly that!

“come one come all - use my buddy program and i’ll give you this, and that, and if you do this etc etc etc”
It was sad and pathetic… hucksters and snake oil salesmen come to mind.

But my original question was answered, and now I know where these come from.

lol, cheers

They are from the recruit a friend program. You get 2x Master-at-Arms when one of your recruits purchases anything on
The cheapest option is 2x Alpha Skill Injectors.

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