Matter Transport, what happend?

I have a vague memory of some scientist or other talking about making gate technology smaller, to see if it could be used as a means to move people and goods from ship / station to ground.
I think it was a year or so ago, but i can’t find anything about it. I found the subject fascinating as i am a bit of a scifi nerd, so has anyone seen anything about this?.

Or was it just a dream i had from watching to much scifi, hoping that i could ditch shuttles and landing pads . Just for the convenience of directly arriving at my preferred destination…

You are probably thinking of the wormhole slave transponders such as Drop Uplinks often used by Warclones.

There have been some advances over time with the tech since its nominal introduction, and it is a proven technology, but it is a problematic one, particularly to organic matter, due to the radiation produced during the wormhole generation process. Advances in shielding have been made of course, but I would not recommend its usage unless you are either a warclone, or are incredibly sure of the personal radiation shielding systems you have access to and a very good insurance policy.

Perhaps you are thinking of the very early “event” where a Jovian scientist attempted to test a transporter type gadget.

This resulted in very small parts of his body appearing in capsuleers hangers (blood drop, epidermis sliver, liver slice are some of the item types I think).

The Jovians appealed for these things to be returned to them so they could attempt to reassemble the scientist, the capsuleer organisation that handed back the most items got a reward (cloaking devices I think before it was possible to make them).


Hmm yeah you both could be right, but i could swear it was something about gate tech.
Oh well perhaps it will come to me one of these days, perhaps it was a private project…

I dunno, I use matter transport all the time.

Toss the matter in the transport, move the ship, et voila! Matter has been transported! :upside_down_face:


Arrendis, promise to never change :laughing:

Don’t worry, I won’t. :wink:

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