What ever happened to corpes being turned into

Soylent green or jerky beef or something, the many I have are really smelling up my hanger with a garlicky smell.


Man. Wouldn’t it be great if we had some kind of “bio ships”, like from the Lexx Series (probably too old for you kids) where some ships were big bugs, and we could feed them corpses?

Of course were it up to me, I would have made clone vats a “mass in mass out” deal. That is you had to feed it corpses in order to make clones with it. Would have added a logistic factor to wars instead of this “magical flesh fountain” thing.

That’s a lot of corpses there…

Haven’t you followed the vegas keynotes?
Korean/asian laws prohibit processing of corpses as organ harvesting is a big problem in those countries

To make up for this the new player built stargates can have corpses attached to them on free hanging cables.

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What do you think Protein Treats are?

You can feed them to the Jovians. :wink:

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