Lore update / teleportation

I don’t think this is mentioned anywhere, but I think it would be nice to update the lore to include short range wormholes as a method of transportation in EVE.

In the game client, we can interact with any jet cans within 2.5km of our ship’s location. This acts as instantaneous teleportation.

So in order to explain it with sci-fi mumbo jumbo, I’d prefer the wormhole option over star trek’s molecular transporter. Doubly so since wormholes are familiar to the EVE universe.

Furthermore, since there’s a lot of gravitation concepts involved with this topic, the method of transportation wouldn’t work in the mass shadow of large celestial bodies such as planets or moons. That will explain why wormhole tech isn’t used in the upcoming shooter, or as a method of getting from the surface to space.

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