Communication speed in New Eden

In the lore is there some kind of faster-than-light communications network (FATLINE) to explain how the markets stay updated across many light years? It was something I was thinking about that kept me awake a little last night. :sweat_smile:

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Probably fluid router’s. Same thing that was lore explanation for blackout


I don’t know why but a lot of Sci-Fi has instantaneous communication, but physical devices can’t use the same method to get from point A to B. In EVE some of the planets are so close to the gates, you could just use regular radio. If you use third party tools instead of the in-game interface, you even suffer a similar delay to what it would look like if regular radio was used given how far the Jita gates are from the Caldari Navy station. It’s not until you’re more than 60 jumps does these tools go faster than a hypothetical radio signal working its way through gates.

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You should study quantum entanglement.

Dyver Phycad yes that is what I was looking for. Thanks!

I guess you can say the in-game windows capsuleers are looking at are using fluid routers and the out-of-game apps which have delay are comparable the baseliners getting information through radio jumping through the gates.

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