Radio Signals from Sol

I’ve been pondering the likelihood that we in New Eden might be able to pick up radio signals of some kind from the Earth side of the EVE gate after 20+ thousand years of history. Considering the EVE wormhole was discovered in the Canopus system, which is about 309 light years away from Earth… and not knowing how far in distance New Eden is from Earth (or how far we traveled when we went through the EVE wormhole) leaves it up to complete speculation.

Since radio travels at the speed of light, if New Eden was anywhere within 20 k light years radius from Earth we’d start picking up old transmissions sooner or later.

Also, because of the huge electromagnetic disturbance at the heart of the now destroyed EVE gate it is possible that it could be allowing radio signals in from goodness knows when and where.

From a fiction/RP perspective this seems plausible to me. Thoughts?

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The two ends of a wormhole have no relation in location. Given that space outside of a 20k LY radius of Earth is vastly bigger than the space within it, it’s highly improbable that the other end of the wormhole is even in the same galaxy. While nothing physically prohibits it beating the odds.

Lorewise, pulsars can be used as a form of ‘galactic positioning system’. If they exited out of the wormhole within the same galaxy, it wouldn’t take too long at all before you figured that out. I think it would be ‘common knowledge’. I would even expect there to be some who would have already attempted to travel back the long way.

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