[May 2019] Triglavian Industry Changes

I think there is a difference between ‘meta’ guns and ‘faction’ guns.

‘meta’ modules are the ones, typically compact, restrained, scoped, etc., that are between T1 and T2 modules in function. They are intended to be used when a pilot can’t use the T2 version or can’t fit the T2 version.

‘faction’ modules are typically better than T2 modules in terms of both fitting and function. We run into them as Caldari Navy, True Sansha, Dread Guristas, etc.

I think the Veles are intended to be like existing faction modules, not meta modules. Usually, building faction modules requires a T2 module as part of it’s construction.

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Yeah, I’m a bit confused by someone saying faction is supposed to fall between tech I and tech II in terms of strength - outside of weapons, every faction variant of a module is better than its tech II version by far, with the turrets/launchers now finally being brought into the same place.

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Yeah yeah yeah… I said Faction, but I was thinking Meta. Sorry =)

Still, I feel like it’s a Nerf to the T2 guns. At this point, Faction guns are more useful than T2 unless you have Level V in the skill. Even having Level IV, the Faction gun does more damage.

At least before, the T2s were important to have b/c you could use the T2 ammo. But now… you can train Level I in the spec skill to qualify for the ammo, and then use a Faction gun instead.

My response there is that faction guns are more costly than tech II by MAGNITUDES (example, 4 mil for a large neutron blaster II, where serpentis costs 65mil and fed navy are 100m+), meaning it isn’t like everyone will switch to faction guns overnight - the blingier-prone players totally might use them more now, but the majority of cases will stay the same imo.

where will the datacores come from???

Probably the LP store, with points earned from the new Triglavian incursions.

Ahhh, yah you might be right, BUT why have we not gotten a ■■■■■■■ forum post detailing all of this yet?

Considering that the release is in two weeks, they’re either waiting for MAXIMUM HYPE or they’re not planning on telling us before it goes live. My ISK is on the latter.

CCP could you please put back the ability to create a shortcut on the Neocom for the ITEM HANGAR and SHIP HANGAR?
Why did you even take this away to begin with?
Remember how mad people got when you forced the inventory window on us a few years back?
It took you guys like 6 months to add the shortcut ability back and now you take it away again.
Seriously WTH ???

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