May war UI update?

Have I missed something and I’m just stupid (rhetorical question in the second bit)?

In the wardec changes devblog released in February:

There’s nothing on, nor a follow up devblog I can see.

Seems we aren’t too far away from the May release, so wondering if anyone else has seen anything I’ve missed relating to these UI improvements?

@CCP_Falcon FYI

I’m not really sure what the UI improvements are, but you should be able to see them on the test server now.

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Ah thanks. I’ll login to SiSi.

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For those that can’t look at the changes on SiSi (eg. Alpha characters), this is what’s changed:

Defender Notification

  • Now includes the name of the HQ nominated for this war


Aggressive War Declaration

  • Now 4 screens
  • Second screen allows the HQ to be selected
  • Can select a different structure as the HQ for each war declared

Mutual War Invite

  • 2 screens
  • No War HQ nomination
  • Select “Mutual” on the first screen (default is Aggressive)
  • Click to send invite to mutual opponent


Is the high sec requirement something new or have I not been paying attention, also does that mean a corp with only a low sec upwell is not eligible? Or is it only the attackers that have that requirement.

Only attackers need a structure in highsec.

If a Corp/Alliance has a structure in space anywhere, it is war elligible (can be wardecced).

If a Corp/Alliance wants to wardec anyone though, that requires an Upwell structure to be located in highsec, so a group with a structure only in low/null/wh space cannot be an aggressor in a war.

Thanks, that makes sense.

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