Clarification: New WarDec

I would like to know the answer to the above. My intuition tells me the executor corporation would need to own the structure it selects as a war HQ, but I don’t see a source that makes it clear either way.

I don’t know the procedure to do it, but I’m pretty sure it doesn’t matter which corp in the alliance owns the War HQ, just that it has to be a structure owned by any of the corps in the alliance.

That’s something that may be inferred from this in the War, War Sometimes Changes dev blog:

If the corporation that owns the War HQ leaves their alliance, the war involving the alliance will enter the 24 hour cooldown and the new war spawned between the leaving corporation and the target will continue to be valid.

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This provision would be necessary even if external selections can’t be made because the executor corporation can change at any downtime. Each member corporation declares support for a corporation, and whoever has the requisite support becomes the executor. A corporation can change its declaration at any time. This is why you will sometimes see alliances with similarly named numbered members. They are creating alt corps enough that the actual members can not wrest control.

The executor corporation could still have been the executor corporation when the war was declared, allowing that HQ to be selected, and later lost their position, but the war wouldn’t be invalidated, continuing on with the structure the then executor corporation selected. I still don’t see something that conclusively proves an alliance executor can (or can’t) select structures they do not personally own. We can only speculate until an alliance actually goes through the motions to see if it is possible.


OK, thanks for the detailed explanation. From a logical point of view seems it doesn’t make sense to require the War HQ be in the executor corp, but I guess you mean the user interface may currently not provide the means to choose a structure in a corp other than the executor.


Ditto from me…Hope a well meaning alliance sees this and posts to clarify…

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Happy to.

I did this a couple of weeks ago, but wasn’t thinking about whether I can select structures outside my Corp’s ownership, but within the Alliance:

I’ll drop a citadel on SiSi with my alt that is the CEO of one of the other Corps and then see what happens.

So it’ll take a day to update on the outcome

Until then, drinks are on me…:cocktail:

Thanks for all the replies in this thread folks…it’s a tiny detail but as you all know, tiny details is what Eve (and life) is all about.

I can drop alliance on Sisi and join yours today and you can see if you can select any of my structures. How about that?

Yep that will work.

End of Life is the Alliance.

I can confirm then in about 3 1/2 hours from now.

Note that if you do that, I’ll see where your structures are on TQ (but not pass that on anywhere). So only do it if you are good with that.

The things we do for science… Sign me up!

The price was cut by 80%.

Unless you only decced 1 man corps :stuck_out_tongue:

Lucky you then and poor, poor little old me :weary:

“Mom, get my rope!”

OK, so to confirm:

I can choose any relevant highsec structures in the Alliance as the HQ for a war. I’m not limited to my own Corp.

I just logged on to SiSi to confirm.

@Qia_Kare: thanks for the assistance. I accepted the application, but it isn’t active yet as you need to then accept again. So I haven’t seen where your structures are, but turns out we own them on a couple of Corps, so I was able to check the mechanics anyway. Thanks for the help


Thank you for answering the question on all our minds!


GREAT work! Thanks to everyone that jumped-in on this one to figure this out.

o7 x 100

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