Wardec Question

(Diocletian II) #1

Why would a one man corporation declare war on 40 corporations at the same time? Presumably this would cost 2 billion isk - so where is the gain?


(Quelza) #2

More targets for the bored and wealthy. Not all wealth need be reinvested. Some people buy fancy clothes, some people buy new gas-guzzling vanity cars, and some people declare war.

(Trevor Dalech) #3

You only need to catch one well stocked hauler, and you earn your initial investment back. Yes, there are people who haul multiple billions in a T1 industrial during wartime.

(Keno Skir) #4

He’s paying 2Bil for a “target rich environment”. It’s a gamble but often pays off.

(Diocletian II) #5

Then I’ll keep checking his corp to see if there is a flood of new members.

Is there a way to make notification of a war dec more noticeable? Unlike emails, there’s no “ping” when I log on, so it depends on me (and others members) checking notifications or the corporation wars tab.


(Ralph King-Griffin) #6

because tracking and finding online tagets is difficult, not impossible but more effort than most will put in.
hence spamming the red buttan for a higher probability of seeing a target.

to be honest though if thats too much for any of yours they sortof* ( read : entirely ) deserve whatever happens to them.

also you might want to stop signing your posts, we can see who you are and its making me want to shoot at you.

(Diocletian II) #7

Er - How do I stop signing posts? What are the implications?

If you shoot at me you will be subject to the full fury of Concord (some time after I am dead).

(Disney's Magic Kingdom) #8

You my homie bout to be flooded with wardecs. Not because you deserve it, just because.

(Ralph King-Griffin) #9

oh relax, im only poking fun

(Keno Skir) #10

He means that “D2” sign off you were doing on your forum posts, and he’s probably not actually going to shoot you for it… probably.

(Ivory Harcourt) #11

Do you really think you’re 100% safe from anyone in your highsec?

(system) #12

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