Maybe I should try to rediscover my love for this game

So, something that caused one of the most tragic times of my life was when I lost the reason to play this game some years ago. Whenever I happen to have thoughts like “maybe I should” I always shake it off with “no, it can never be the same”.

A journey I started in my mid 20s ended some years ago and Im now hoping Ive put it behind me cause Im at an age where I tell myself that I should embrace the good things in life. So, here I am, hoping to get to reexperience some of the awe that opened up to me after that loong climb over the infamous learningmountain so many years ago.

I was thinking I start slow even though I eventually want to get into a good group and relearn my old pvp tricks. For now though, I want to spend a week or 2 sololearning a few things. Wheres the best source of fairly safe highsec isk nowdays? Still lvl 4 missions? Not including incursious.

Any new avenues for pvp since like 2018? Is lowsec pvp alive? Any null groups in it for the fun? Hows solo pvp these days?

Lots of vague questions. Would still be interesting in reading your answers to them. Even if the answers are just as vague.

Lots of players are where you are and thats an answer that only you can answer successfully for yourself really. The dopamine/adrenaline rush you got when you started wont ever be the same in some ways but itll depends on a few things within yourself. I have struggled with the reasons to play as well, I have always stuck around dabbling and always wanting to get back into this or that but finding the urge or desire to actually commit to the game is tough. The old friends or the old thrills might be long gone, the gameplay changed and metas are different and logistics can be a grind. It is true and army fights on its stomach.
Most people dont want to give away best source of things simply because itll get picked up by everyone and saturated in time and reduce income for the players. Nevermind the fact that what do YOU consider “fairly safe”? Risk factors vary by person as well as actual levels of income by method.
PvP is alive, ‘how well’ its doing is subjective again and the only way is to dip your toe into that pond and find out if its good enough for YOU. Its something I have been esteeming to do more of myself and my commitments for work and school and social life are really getting in the way of “finding the time”. Then theres the ‘meh’ factor. Where its not as great 20 years on as it was in the beginning, normal really.
Lots of null groups doing lots of null and even low sec things, pochven too. Again it depends on what you want to do.

If it drives you enough Id say do it, try it. Never hurts to try something old to see if its still good or gives you that thrill and never too late to try something new too. It might become your new favorite thing. Never know till you try.

Was that vague enough? :smiley:


Ty for you answer.

Trust me Im well aware of the fact that it will never be the same. The good times I had in the past were truly amazing. What Im hoping at this point is that I’ll be so “new” to the game that I will find a new eve life… So to speak. Even with my extensinve experience of the game in the past there were always things I wanted to try out but never got to.

BlockquoteMost people dont want to give away best source of things simply because itll get picked up by everyone and saturated in time and reduce income for the players.

Ah yes. This is a part of EVE I enjoy, the paranoia :wink: . What Im talking about though is the highsec pve pewpew parts of making isk. That always seemed like knowledge which was widely shared, like lvl 4 mission strategies for example.
I hear that theres atleast one new highsec activity for iskmaking? Something to do with small gang early game PvE in highsec? How does that compare to lvl 4 mission payout?
Also something about corp activities, kinda like a player driven agent experience? Or am I wrong? Hows that holding up, isk wise. Is it worth looking into?

I know myself though, Ill probably get into lvl 4 missions just to get a feel for space. Any big changes in that department? Is that still an ok way to make ISK or did it fall out of grace with CCP? I remember finding it super relaxing between my pvp sessions.

My old prefered pvp is long gone and its gone for good. I do find a few things interesting from watching a video or two though. Pirate FW? Hows that population? Any activity to it?

I heard WH pvp used to be dominated by Marauders? Thats almost silly to imagine but I also hear that its kind of patched out of the game? I can see how constant marauders could get stale pretty fast. That is something I might revive one of my accounts for.

Yes that was about as vague as I expected after writing up my OP :joy:
Havent been talking about EVE is years. Just talking about it feels liberating. Ty counselor!

The best way to earn safe ISK according to the pros I talked to, is to get a job in a high paying position, like a manager. You may have to aquire certain skills, socialize, maybe even have just a pinch of luck. The payout may vary, but if you put in enough hours, perhaps even start investing for a good ROI, your ISK per hour ratio is going to skyrocket. I’m surprised that so few people have picked up on it.

But I think it would spoil the fun if I just give you the whole rundown of things. A part of experiencing joy is also discovering things for yourself!

Just as a quick tip off - I heard mining veldspar in poorly fit barges is pretty in this season…

With spicy regards
-James Fuchs

Indeed. Players you knew and associated with back then may have moved on. The discoveries you made in the game, you already made. But there’s plenty to discover and try, that’s the lure, and plenty of players to get to know and have fun with.


The re-invigorated Faction Warfare, which gives opportunities for a variety of pvp activities, solo or in small groups.

I can think of a few, yes :grin:

Your harder options would be to try to pick up where you left off. Perhaps you could do something radically different, like join null, or wh space. It depends on what you did before. Given that you were actively involved in pvp, you have a lot of options.

Good luck and welcome back if you do.

LOL lvl 4 missions are by any means the best source of low risk isk.

Anyway judging by the ops questions, his coming back to EVE is pretty much about mining in HighSec (red triangles, roids…). And he is very welcome to do that.

Here’s a tale quoted by a monk.

‘St Ambrose…speaks of a young man who returned from a long voyage completely cured of a foolish infatuation and so changed that, when his mistress met him with these words, “Don’t you know me? I am still the same”, he replied, “Yes, but I am not".’

There’s nothing wrong with moving on, when that is what is indicated. I hope you manage to see your way as clearly as the young man - in whatever direction that way takes you!

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Level 4 missions can work if you’re Omega, Alphas can only do up to level 3. For good ISK, Lvl 4’s probably need some cherry-picking of missions, and re-learning how to blitz them. Although frankly I’d just concentrate on getting back into the groove and doing various things and reminding yourself how they all work, rather than head straight into an ISK grind.

The new Homefront operations are also an option, and since they’re best for a group of 5, may help get back into the social things. Abyss diving with Abyssal filaments is competitive with Level 4s but requires more focused builds and gameplay.

Edit: You could also glance through something like this to remind yourself of some options, although it may not be up to date: